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Folderly: The Best Email Tester Services For You.

by Thomas Browne
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For those of you who aren’t aware, email testing is one of the most important tools that you can use for solving all your email deliverability problems. Before we get started on how email testing can help you, let us first understand mail deliverability problems.

What are email deliverability problems?

You would have to be living under the rock to not know how email functions. Although email is one of the oldest modes of online communication, it still gives the latest social media apps a run for their money when it comes to reach. The best thing about emails is that you can directly market your products to your clients/customers. However, not everything is as perfect as it seems. With the rise of spammers and hackers on the internet, email service providers have become very stringent with their policies and take spamming very seriously. 

However, sometimes they cannot differentiate a spam mail from a valid one and hence send your valid emails to your client’s spam box. This substantially affects your reach and my result in you losing out on potential customers. There is barely any way to know how many of your mails are reaching your recipient’s primary inboxes. The closest you get to knowing is finding out your email deliverability rate. In order to find out your email deliverability rate, you will need to take the help of email tester services provided by companies like Folderly.

What is an email deliverability rate?

An email deliverability rate is the best way to determine how many of your emails are reaching your recipient’s spam boxes. In order to arrive at an email deliverability rate, you will have to take an email test. Since this is a rate, it is measured out of 100. The perfect email deliverability rate is 100/100. While this may seem unrealistic to many, it is possible to reach this email deliverability rate with the help of Folderly. If 100/100sounds too much to you, your email deliverability rate should at least be 70/100. Anything below that is very concerning and you should immediately take action.

How are email tests performed?

Email testing may sound like a very simple procedure but there goes a lot of analysing and scrutiny behind the scenes. Experts at folderly have made the best email testing facilities so that you can get to the root cause of all your email deliverability problems. So how does folderly perform tests. Folderly takes your email id and sends emails through it to multiple email ids owned by Folderly and other third parties associated with folderly. This is done to find out how many of your emails are going into the spam boxes and how many are going to the primary mail. Once your email deliverability rate is determined, the email tests will also reveal all the underlying issues behind your email deliverability problems and give you tangible solutions.

Is folderly safe?

Folderly, we understand how important safety is to you. Given that the digital environment is very unsafe these days, it is only valid. Your email may be linked to various important accounts and may be sharing it makes you a little sceptical. Folderly takes 100% guarantee of your safety and makes sure that your safety is never compromised. Folderly has the best security policies that ensure you that your information will be kept private and anonymous.

Is folderly affordable?

Folderly is one of the most affordable email deliverability service providers offered. There are a wide range of offers you can select from. There are expensive plans that provide exclusive services while there are other affordable plans as well. Select according to your requirement. No matter how expensive or affordable the plan is, given the quality of services and the array of benefits it provides you with, they are valid. Whether you are looking for their highly priced services or the affordable ones, Folderly has something for everyone.

Do I get a free trial?

Folderly knows how the trust of the customer is very important. This is why it offers a free trial to all the users. Go ahead and get registered for the free trial version and get limited access to most of the common services provided. See what works for you and choose accordingly. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed by our services.

How to avoid my mails from going into my client’s spam inbox?

Sadly, until and unless you perform email tests there is no way one can pinpoint a solution to your problems. The only way to do so is to find out what the underlying problem is. This clarity can only be achieved after taking email tests. Other than that there are indeed a few things that you should consider not doing like making your subject unnecessarily long, too many grammatical errors, including shady attachments into your mail and adding unnecessary links. These are some of the many measures that you may take to avoid your emails from landing in spam boxes. There may be many other reasons as well. In order to get a clear-cut picture of what is affecting your deliverability rate, do get in touch with us and make use of our reputed email tester facilities. We make sure that we provide you with the best solutions so that you can solve the problem quickly without delaying your growth.

Conclusively, it may be said that your mail deliverability issues may be causing a lot of trouble and may be holding back your potential in terms of growth. The digital world is something that is rapidly growing and not taking advantage of this doesn’t make sense. In order to take full advantage of the digital world, you will have to solve your email deliverability issues. We would be more than glad to hold your hand and guide you through your queries and provide you with the best solutions. So what are you waiting for? Come join us at folderly as see all your email deliverability problems vanish like magic.

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