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Luxury Watches: 7 Best Designed Watches From Panerai

by sem rush
Designed Watches From Panerai

Stylish watch designs, premium features, Italian history—there are so many things you’d love about the Panerai luxury watches. Panerai was originated during the 1860s and is famous as an “art in motion” by watch enthusiasts globally.

This luxury watch is indeed an “art in motion” because of its stylish and chic design that attracts luxury watch lovers worldwide. Currently, Panerai offers four collections: Submersible, Luminor, Luminor Due, and Radiomir, with each having different characteristics to its design. 

Each collection of Panerai has its beauty and charm. For instance, the Submersible collection has a distinctive bezel design that makes it different from the rest. This reason can make it difficult for the buyers to choose which kind of watch to purchase, as all Panerai watches are stylish and luxurious.

Today, we will list our top seven designs of the Panerai Watch since its inception. 

1. Luminor Sealand 

Panerai Watch introduced the first Luminor Sealand in 2009, which features the Ancient Chinese Zodiac tradition. This model belongs to the special edition collection as Italian Master Engravers skillfully crafted the watch with the “Sparsello” ancient technique. 

Since its release, Panerai has been developing Luminor Sealand watches annually with a design that corresponds to the year’s current Chinese Zodiac. For example, Panerai decided to use the Year of the Pig design to celebrate the year 2019. That is the eleventh model of Luminor Sealand since its launch in 2009.

The Luminor Sealand features a Gray-colored Dial with Arabic numerals, a Calf Gold leather strap, and linear hour markers. It also has an automatic P.9310 caliber movement, and it is waterproof, perfect for those luxury watch buyers who wet their watches frequently. 

2. Submersible Azzurro 

Did you know? Panerai’s beginnings are related to the sea because of their connection to the Italian Royal Navy. 

They were one of Panerai’s significant clients, and through their watches, they served the Italian divers during World War I and World War II. Therefore, it’s safe to say that their connection with the Italian Royal Navy is essential in creating the brand’s identity.

The Submersible Azzuro is a part of the Submersible collection of Panerai watches. It features 23 jewels, a Black dial with luminous hour markers, a Caoutchouc Black watch strap, and has a Navy Blue bezel.

Additionally, this watch is water-resistant, fitting for a brand with a deep connection with the Italian Royal Navy. It has a Caliber P.900 movement and comes with a power reserve that can last up to three days.

3. Submersible Goldtech 

Submersible Goldtech is another Panerai model that comes from the Submersible watch collection. It is made with a mix of Platinum and Copper materials to create that sophistication and elegant look. 

The intense red hue from the watch comes from a percentage of Copper. Not only the appearance, but Panerai has made an effort to prevent the materials from oxidizing by incorporating Platinum. Combining those two materials together results in a long-lasting and timeless look of the watch.

As for its origin, Panerai took inspiration from military history. They crafted the watch to make it as durable as military diving equipment and continue releasing rugged kinds of watches in the market.

The Submersible Goldtech consists of 23 jewels, a Black dial with luminous hour markers, and a Caoutchouc Black Strap. It also has a Caliber P.900 movement, 3-day power reserve, and is resistant to water.

4. Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu 

The Luminor Marina Goldtech Sole Blu is a recent part of the Luminor collection which Panerai produced in 2020. Its appearance features a rose gold material and a blue dial with luminous hour markers that create a sophisticated look for those wearing the watch.

Another cool feature of the watch is that it is water-resistant. It has a level of 50 meters which means that you can wear the watch while swimming in shallow depths. Panerai completed the watch’s design by adding a Dark Blue strap made from the Alligator skins. 

5. Luminor Marina Specchio Blu 

If you want to dress up and look luxurious, the Luminor Marina Specchio Blue might be the perfect fit for your outfit.

The watch features a stitching steel strap with a blue-colored dial. You can also see the time even in dark places because of its luminous hour markers feature. 

Like the previous Lumina model that we have mentioned in this article, this watch is also water-resistant. However, it only has a level of 30 meters which can still withstand water splashes. It wouldn’t be a problem if you accidentally wet the watch as long as you haven’t thrown it into the pool.

6. Luminor Due (Red)

Luminor Due is another collection of the Panerai brand. It consists of similar watches with different colors, and one model that stood out the most is the Red Luminor Due. 

Unlike other watches that we’ve mentioned so far in this article, this model features a Red color Alligator strap. It has a white dial with luminous Arabic numerals, and a rose gold material that screams elegance all over the design. This watch is indeed one of the best-designed watches from Panerai.

7. Radiomir GMT Power Reserve

Radiomir GMT Power Reserve has a polished steel bezel and a dark blue dial with luminous hour markers to see the time during the evening. The dark blue and silver color combination gives off a luxurious look that is excellent for men.

This model has a dark blue color strap that complements the overall appearance of the watch. It also has a water-resistance of 100 meters which means that you can wear the watch while snorkeling. Excellent design and water-resistant, isn’t that cool?

In A Nutshell 

Today, we have revealed our top seven best-designed Panerai watches. The list varies from the four collections to the special edition watches that have a meaningful history. If you plan to buy a Panerai watch soon, we hope that this guide is useful when deciding which model you want to purchase for yourself. You can also check out The Watch Company and cop your own timepieces! 

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