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Convert PDF to PDF/A Online Using 4 Simple Steps

by sem rush
Convert PDF to PDFA

One of the most sought-after PDF conversion services is the PDF to PDFA conversion. With this fact, resources that allow this PDF conversion are quite scarce and hard to find. Luckily, there’s one alternative that offers this PDF to PDFA conversion, and it provides this process online. If you need to convert your PDF files into PDF/A, then PDFBear is the perfect online tool for the job.

PDFBear has an online converter for PDF to PDFA. In turn, anyone who needs to convert and transform their PDF documents into PDFA can easily go online and convert their files instantly. This site offers a simplified transformation for PDF files into PDFA. With that, here are more facts about this online PDF to PDFA Converter:

Why Convert Into PDF/A?

It’s essential to know the reasons why you’re converting PDF to PDFA in the first place. PDF/A is essentially a version of PDF file format that has already been ISO-standardized. With this fact, it’ll be incredibly easier to preserve the file long-term. Subsequently, the software won’t matter upon preserving a PDF/A document.

A PDF/A that has been properly created will be able to provide such as not having any dependencies on any external resource by embedding them inside the document. This benefit is extremely important and vital for fonts, and it can also apply to other content and media esign online

Before you can avail of this benefit, you’d need to make sure that the PDF/A is well-made and that it meets a certain standard. Luckily, PDFBear is one online tool that can expertly convert your PDF documents into PDF/A. Subsequently, anyone can rely on PDFBear for a PDF/A that is well-made! 

How To Convert PDF to PDF/A

There’s no doubt that PDFBear is the best online platform for PDF to PDF/A conversions. To start, PDFBear offers an online PDF to PDF/A conversion that is incredibly easy to follow. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to convert your PDF document into a well-made PDF/A file without any difficulty or problem! 

This website offers a streamlined and simplified PDF to PDF/A conversion on its online portal. You can begin transforming your PDF file into a well-made PDF/A by uploading it into the PDF to PDF/A converter. Once you upload, the server should instantly scan the document. This website will then subsequently analyze how it can convert your PDF file to PDF/A in the best way possible.

The site will be able to finish the conversion process in just minutes. With this fact, it’ll take a relatively short time for you to convert your PDF file into a well-made PDF/A. Thanks to PDFBear, you can instantly download a new PDF/A file within minutes. Save the new PDF/A file on any device may it be your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Easy Conversion In Just Two Minutes

We’ve already touched on the fact that it only takes PDFBear a couple of minutes to convert a PDF file into PDF/A. This site values the time of its users and doesn’t hold them for long for a simple PDF conversion like PDF to PDF/A. This site guarantees that its users will be able to download a well-made PDF/A file in no more than two minutes.

It only takes four simple steps to transform any PDF file into PDF/A format using this online PDF converter. Moreover, it’s an online PDF converter that comes with pre-equipped settings that are ideal for producing a well-made PDF/A document. In turn, anyone converting into PDF/A tool won’t need to change the settings prior to their PDF to PDF/A conversion.

This online PDF to PDF-A converter is good to go and ready to convert your PDF files into PDF/A. Simply let the website handle all the work needed in producing a well-made PDF/A document. You won’t even break a sweat upon converting your PDF documents into PDF/A with PDFBear!

Convert PDF to PDF/A On Any Platform

PDFBear’s online PDF to PDF-A tool is supported on most operating systems and platforms today. With this fact, any user who wants to convert their PDF files into PDF-A may do so using a system that is Mac-based, Windows, and even Linux-based! Subsequently, this website provides the same online conversion from PDF to PDF/A on all major operating systems.

The operating system that you’re using won’t matter upon converting PDF to PDF-A with PDFBear. This site converts all PDF documents into PDF-A online using its Cloud Conversion feature. With this fact, all you need to convert into PDF-A is a web browser. Simply access this online tool using any web browser that’s available on your computer or system.

Interestingly, you may also use your smartphones and tablets to convert PDF to PDF/A with PDFBear! Simply open Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and other web browsers on your iOS or Android device. You can even use tablets like an iPad to convert PDF to PDF-A online through PDFBear! With this site, you can now convert PDF to PDF-A on the go with your iPhone or any other smartphone in your possession!

Privacy Is Key

One synonymous word for data today is privacy. Of course, you’d prefer to use an online platform that is capable of protecting you and your PDFs from any potential threats. Luckily, The website uses an incredibly capable 256-bit Encryption technology. With this fact, you surely won’t have to worry about any threats that are potentially lurking online with PDFBear.

This site also makes sure that other users won’t have any access to your documents and files. In turn, it makes it a point to permanently delete all files and documents from its online servers after an hour. With this dynamic, the server can prevent any unauthorized use of your PDFs.

In A Nutshell 

PDF to PDF-A is just one of PDFBear’s highly functional and effective online PDF converters. Who knew that all you needed was a browser to turn any PDF file into PDF-A. Moreover, This website allows users to convert their PDF files into a well-made PDF-A for free! For any conversion involving PDF to PDF-A, PDFBear is a go-to online tool to use that consistently provides a well-made and high-quality PDF-A.

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