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To All The Boys Part 3: Every Available Update On Its Release And The Romantic Story Explained


Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, the love birds, have already been into the heads of fans since the first edition of the film. Now that their love story is reaching new heights with an altogether different level of complexities, the fans are poise to be interested in the third part of the film. The teenage rom-com, which fascinates most of the internet savvy young generation, is all set to have a third part.

Do we have a release date of the third part of To All The Boys?

The release date of the Netflix based series is all set to happen, but we don’t know the exact dates. This is something that is still oblivious to us, and there is no official word over it. The series is expected to have the renewal shortly, but the recent pandemic of COVID-19 has halted all the processes related to filming. So this is not unprecedented that this film also got delayed.

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If we look at the fanbase of To All The Boys, there is no reason to believe that there won’t be another part of it. There are ample chances that the film will have the renewal at earliest, but as long as the lockdown is there, we can’t say when things will start to fall in place. Although if we look at the gap between the first and second part, it was a considerably long interval while the third part has already started filming. So this goes on to prove that the film will have an early release, as the filming process has begun.

So a next valentine release is something that is going to be the best time to release the film. Although we don’t have the exact dates and it is based on the standard time taken to release a film which has almost done its filming process.

What is the expected storyline of the third edition of To All The Boys?

The third edition is also going to tow the same storyline as it has done in the last two-part. The film is an adaptation of Always and Forever, Lara Jean. The film showcased high school seniors who are in a relationship, and like every relationship, the complexities are way too much. The second edition of To All The Boys has shown us that the relationship hurdles were crossed, but there were complications, and the second part largely focussed on these complexities. So there was ample drama in the second season, which by the end gets resolved.

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There is no reason to believe that the third part will be any less dramatic than the second part. The foundation of the troubles in the third part was laid in the second part itself as they got admitted to different colleges. Hence, this means that they will be in a long-distance relationship, and it doesn’t take the knowledge of aerodynamics to assess the level of complexity they will have.

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