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7 Best Movies for College Students on Netflix

by Yash Ranjan
Netflix Movies for Students

Students’ lives are hard. Some students who struggle with their essays may even address a professional writing service, such as SmartWritingService.com. So, you may want to enjoy your free time with a movie. There are different movies for students to entertain and relax. You may watch them with friends by yourself on a winter evening. What are the best movies you can watch in college?

Fresh Meat

This is a movie in the form of comedy. It also contains some characteristics of drama. Fresh Meat is more like a TV series. You may watch it when you want to relax. It described life in one of the British universities. The main characters are six students. They are new to Manchester university. They live together in a house. The series describes the difficulties and happiness of students’ lives. There are issues with passing exams and getting grades. You will also see their struggle to get a job.

Bad Education

Bad education is a film about college students’ life in the past. How was it with our parents? The movie was created in 2014 by BBC. This is a comedy series. The series describes the life of a history teacher. The teacher does not behave as an adult. He is not very responsible and seems more like a kid. He makes friendships with students. Yet, he is an expert in history. So, his speech is interesting and funny.

Life of the Party

Life of the Party is a comedy movie about college students. The plot is intriguing, so you will watch it with interest. What is special about it? It describes the story of a college student. Her mother got divorced. After this, the mother decides to enter college. And she goes there together with her daughter. They study together in one group and make friendships with other students. They go to parties and go to the streets together. Students think that they are of one age. Who would not want such a mother?

Bad Neighbours

Students often live in a dormitory together with others. Yet, the neighbors by flat may not be great. You may see students who drink a lot or have parties every night. You may have already experienced such a case. Yet, please do not think it was so bad. The film will show you that there are much worse situations.

In the movie, there is a big group of students who party from the other side of the door. The whole day is full of music and dances. It starts to seem like hell. But on this side of the wall, a family with a small baby lives. You may imagine their emotions because of these parties. So, the war between the flats starts. The film presents the situation in a comic manner.

Pitch Perfect

This is a Netflix film related to singing. It is good for those who like singing and watching movies about it. There is a group of girls at Barden University. They decide to start a singing group.

They think their voices are good enough. So, they decided not to have music in the group. They start singing acapella. The girls are ambitious enough. They want to win Nationals in the future. So, they work a lot and train their voices. And after this, the concert competition starts. Yet, they do not experience much luck. So, you will have much fun looking at their attempts. One of the main actors in the film is Rebel Wilson.

Sex Education

The movie was produced in 2019. Then, there were other seasons later. It is more like a series for students and teenagers. This kind is comedy and drama. The series talks about the life of a teenager. It is also about his mother’s life. The boy’s mother works as a sex therapist. It helps the boy in his life because he knows everything about sex. He may ask his mother for a piece of advice.

He has answers to whatever interests him. When he grows up, he decides to open a new clinic. The clinic will specialize in sex therapy. Yet, as you may see, it is quite a difficult thing to open a clinic. When watching the movie, you will dive into the boy’s struggles to start the business. It is both dramatic and funny. You will get a lot of pleasure by watching the events.


This movie started in 2007. So, it is a bit old but actual. It is still interesting to today’s students. And you may find a lot of interesting things in it today. The movie is of comic style. It will make you laugh all the time while watching the life of the main characters. The characters’ names are Evan and Seth.

They are both college students. Their aim is to create a great party with a lot of people, music, and trash. They try their best to create it and entertain. Yet, they do not have much luck with it. Not everybody wants to go to the party. And arranging it is also difficult. So, the students have a lot of trouble with it. You will enjoy their attempts and struggles. This is their challenge and your pleasure. You will watch it in a comic manner and laugh.

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