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Letter For The King Season 2: Is It Renewed? Release Date And Complete Brief On Its Amazing Storyline


Letter For The King’s first season started with the story of a Dagonaut teenager who is in his quest to become a knight. The storyline develops with a dramatic turn in his journey of becoming a knight when he met a man who was on the verge of death. The man handover a letter to him and tells him to deliver the letter to King Favian. This is the genesis of the story, which follows a hell lot of twists and turns. Fans liked the first season, and now the second season is awaited.

In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of having a second season and other details that a fan should know if he is planning to watch the second season of The letter of the king.

Letter for the King' Season 2

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What’s the renewal status of the second season of “The letter of the king”?

The series has premiered on 20th March 2020. So a renewal at this point is not something Netflix believes in, and there is going to be a wait time for at least a month or two. The series, though liked by fans but a thorough review and analysis by Netflix, is a must before they order the second season of The letter of the king. The series has left ample ground in the first season to ensure another season, but an official word on a renewal is yet to come.

It is expected to see an official word by the end of April or in the first week of May. The recent pandemic has also halted the process, so it will be cumbersome for the streaming giant to come up with something officially, so a thorough analysis is being done.

When shall we expect to see the second season of The letter of the king?

The first season had six episodes, so the second season is also expected to tow the same line. The renewal is yet to be confirmed by Netflix, but once it’s done, we will have the second season by the end of this year or an early 2021 release. By keeping in mind the length of the series, it isn’t going to take much time to complete the filming process, so the stipulated date will depend on the renewal status. The sooner it gets renewed, the earlier it will be its release.

Do we have the details on the cast of the second season?

If we follow the storyline, not much of an alteration in the cast is expected. Most of the characters from the first season are poised to return to the second season. The list of characters we expect in the second season are-

What can be the possible storyline of the second season?

Tiuri reaches and conveys the message to King Vivian, but the prince is all set to roll his dice, and the second season is expected to showcase the prince’s action to the new set of events.

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