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Bosch Season 6: When Will It Release And What Will Be Its Possible Story Leaks


An adaptation of the Harry Bosch novel series by Michael Connelly is all set to release its sixth season on 17th April 2020 on Amazon Prime. The series is pivoted around an LAPD detective Harry Bosch, which happens to be the most renewed series on amazon prime. This suffices to prove the show’s popularity among the fans. This season is going to be the second last season of the series as it has been officially announced that the series will conclude with the seventh season.

The book series contains twenty-two books, and it has been a humungous task for the writer and the showrunners to enclose every bit of detail in a series spanning seven seasons. But this show has made a large pool of fans, and it is fascinating to see the most extended series on amazon prime to reach its end with such a big fanbase.

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Do we have a trailer for the sixth season?

The trailer is out, and now we have to wait for the series. The trailer seems to be quiet promising, and there is no reason to believe that the series will replicate the same when it is aired.

Do we have a release date for the sixth season?

Yes, the series is all the set to hit the screens on 17th April 2020, so this time around, we should expect the series to set a new bar as this is the penultimate season before it concludes. So the series is much awaited by fans across the globe, and it will be interesting to see the storyline the series will be following.

The cast of the sixth season of Bosch

The cast is largely going to be the same as that of the previous season, and not much of change is expected in the sixth season. This time the series is expected to bring a lot of new aspects in the storyline, so the cast will have the onus to bring every bit of the storyline to life. Although any alteration in the cast was not possible anyway as the series itself is on the verge of conclusion, and additional cast always tends to bring an inflexion point in the storyline. And one can’t take the chance of delivering a major change in the penultimate season, as it can jeopardize what the show has achieved in the last five seasons. So the cast will include-

  • Jamie Hector as (Bosch’s police partner)
  • Grace Billets, Madison Lintz as (Bosch’s daughter)
  • Detective Jerry Edgar, Amy Aquino as (Bosch’s friend and immediate supervisor)
  • Lance Reddick as (Bosch’s sometime-ally with political pull) Deputy Chief Irvin Irving.
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What could be the possible storyline of the sixth season of Bosch?

This time the plot of the story will develop around the murder of a medical physicist and possible stealing of some radioactive material. This time the stakes are high, and it indicates an implied sense of greater risk. So it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds in the sixth season.

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