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Here’s The Vision Story That Every Fan Should Know Before Watching Wandavision


After years of screen time, Vision and Scarlet are getting the limelight they deserved all the time, and it has been made possible by the new Disney+ series WandaVision. The series will have its genesis from the Avengers: Endgame. The minor details regarding the reprisal of Vision are in doldrums, and a proper strategy is yet to be chalked out. Amid all the speculations and talks over the internet, we will set aside these to time and focus on details.

The series is going to have eight to ten episodes, so don’t expect it to be a long stretch, although the future course of series will depend on its performance on the screen. The series is expected to be aired in the later part of 2020. Earlier, there was some confusion on the release date as Marvel studios indicated an early 2021 release. Still, later on, it was clarified by Disney that the series is going to air in December 2020.

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The prelude to the WandaVision story which a fan should know for sure

Captain America: Winter Soldier‘s post-credit sequence was the first instance where the fans heard of Scarlet Witch, the character which is going to be in the pivotal role. Ultimately Avengers: Age of Ultron brought that concept into reality. So the current set of events have their roots from these movies. The inception of Scarlet Witch was materialized in X-Men No.4, and since then, she is the part of every other series with the same concept.

Their(Scarlet and Vision) association with Avengers is decade long, and they did deserve a series that can make them the lead character than an augmenting element. Though vision was the brainchild of Avengers’ mechanical nemesis, Ultron her first appearance was in Avengers No. 58. This enhanced her role, and she leapt a mere weapon to a full-grown character in the series.

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The storyline is going to take a leaf from the past, too, and this is expected to augment the storyline coupled with new ideas for this series. The experimentation with the characters is something which has been at the core of the comics, and in House of M, it took a new turn. Scarlet Witch took a quantum leap by changing the very direction of Marvel Universe, and this is something which continued for over two decades. The series has been one of the best one, and there is no reason to believe that the alternate reality which she created back then won’t have an impetus on the new series.

This time it will be interesting to see how these characters are going to take the lead role, and this is the reason why fans are excited to watch this series. Disney+ and Marvel have indeed done a great job of bringing these two characters to light and fulfill fans long-held desires. Once the exact release dates are announced, we will update it right here on this page.

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