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Friends Reunion: Know What’s Taking So Long For The Special Episode To Release For The Fans


A series which has entertained an entire generation or to say more than one generation ought to have a humungous fan following. So anything related to the series has a lot to do with millions of fans out there. FRIENDS is one of the few series which transcends all the boundaries and even after years yet holds a special place in the heats of the fans across the globe. A reunion was slated to happen, but there seems to be a delay. But a mere delay is for other series, but when it comes a series like friends, a mere delay won’t suffice to hold the rage of the fans.

Now we will be discussing the reasons behind the series, which led to this delay in airing the reunion episode.

Friends' Reunion Special to Miss HBO Max Launch | Hollywood Reporter

Source: Hollywood Reporter

The reason behind the delay of FRIENDS reunion

In the wake of the recent pandemic which gripped the whole world seems to affect FRIENDS too. This series is not only a sitcom rather an emotion for the fans, but this time around things are happening across the globe, which is way bigger than any sitcom or, for that matter, anything material or immaterial. This time human lives are at stake, and there couldn’t be a greater thing than the lives of our fellow human beings.

This pandemic has brought the world to a grinding halt, and there seems to be no solution than isolation and social distancing. No matter which part of the world you live, chances are you must be confined to your homes. This is the story for everyone at this point. Businesses are affected, industries have stopped working, and we are on the verge of a major pandemic, which we all have to fight together.

The entertainment industry has played an incredible role this time, and everyone is trying their best to help contain the spread of the virus. Recently most of the filming and other processes have been stopped after the government appealed for maintaining social distancing and avoid social get-togethers. Apart from that, many films and series have preponed their release dates so that they can contribute to help people stay at home.

The status of the reunion episode

The reunion episode will be aired on HBO max, and it is slated to be shot at the famous Warner Bros studio in Burbank, where the series was filmed. Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry are all set to return in the reunion episode. The filming process has been postponed until May as the government’s regulation are in place. There is no reason to believe that the reunion episode won’t be making back soon; the moment this thing gets over, the filming process will start, and then we can have the episode.

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Till then, the only thing we can do is wait for an official word regarding the restart of the process.

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