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Justice League 2: When Is DC Releasing Our Favourite Superhero Movie And What Will Be Its Story


The release of the Justice League appeared to many as the deal-breaker for DC after a plethora of hit movies. The second part was highly anticipated, and there is no reason to believe that the sequel won’t be released, but the elephant in the room is WHEN? This dilemma of DC is killing the hardcore fans of Justice League, and this is something which DC and Warner Bros owe to the fans.

The first part was announced in 2014, and DC assured that the next part would follow in a stipulated time. The timings were set at an interval of five years, and this isn’t something which the fans liked back then, but they had little choice. Then came the year 2019 when the fans were expecting the sequel of the Justice League. This could have happened, but there isn’t a word on it, leave aside a formal announcement in this regard.

The sequel is not even in the consideration, and there is no attempt by DC to initiate the process. The film hasn’t even been to the production, so if you were expecting Justice League part two anytime soon, you are unnecessarily trying to disappoint yourself.

Is Justice League 2

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There were several speculations regarding the storyline of Justice League 2, and it was said that the sequel would lay the foundation for a third part too. All these combined led to an accentuation of expectations, but this couldn’t force the producers to give a shot at it.

What’s the root cause behind the delay in Justice League’s second part?

There are several factors that decide the future of a film, and fans expectation is one of the criteria to consider a film for its sequel but not the sole criteria. Lately, DC has decided to shift gears and change the lane. DC no longer seems to take Marvel Cinematic Universe head-on, and this is evident from DCs pattern in releasing new movies. So far, DC was expected to tow the same line as that of MCU, but the release of Aquaman has changed things for DC.

To everyone’s surprise, Aquaman became the top-grossing film of DC, and this helped DC change its track, and now DC is in no mood to go back to square one. There is no dearth of the content of brilliant actors and script so they don’t wanna get into an uncalled-for completion; instead, they are trying to set the new rules of the game.

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Do we have the date of release for Justice League part two?

The indefinite delay is going to make things go south, and the chances of renewal will be narrowed. Thus if an official word doesn’t come in a couple of years, then it will be a futile attempt to make the sequel, and this somewhat will reflect the intention of producers. If any details come to us in this regard, we will provide all the details from cast to release date.

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