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Venom 2: When Is Tom Hardy And Woody Harrelson Starrer Coming To The Screens?


Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson are all set to rock you for the sequel of Venom, which premiered in 2018, and since then, talks of a sequel have been in the air. The sequel is one of the most anticipated movies to be released in recent times. Although the first part has been criticised and has received negative reviews. But if we consider the global collections, the film grossed a whopping $800 million. Now, this is something which is substantial leave apart the criticism.

Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson are big names, and this time the producers have tightened up the seat belt. So there is nothing to worry about.

Do we have the details on the release date of Venom 2?

Sony's Venom 2

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As of now, the release date per se is not out, and the producers have also maintained a daunting silence on the release dates. There are speculations that the movie may get released in October 2020. But the recent turn of events has turnaround things completely. Almost all the production process has come to a crashing halt, and this is something which is going to change things. The COVID-19 has affected the film industry, and the uncertainty it has brought has left us clueless about the possible release dates.

How is the sequel expected to change things for the film?

The sequel is something that is expected to be on unprecedented lines. This, in no way, is an exaggeration of things, and there is evidence to prove the same. There have been videos out in public which were released while they were filming, and things over there did things which are going to take the film on an unprecedented scale. In a video, Harrelson appeared to have been endowed with symbiotic abilities. This is something which has been less in films nowadays.

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This season the inception of carnage has raised the bars for the movie, and this is something which is directly linked to the comics. The comics character carnage has a different level of fan following altogether. The film briefly introduced the character in the first part, and the second part is going to take it further. The film has been honest with the representation of the character in the first part too. And the second part is all set to accentuate to the next level.

The film got mixed reviews from the audience. There was a section of the audience that truly loved the movie, and then there were people who weren’t satisfied with the movie.so there were mixed reviews, and this time the producers are not going to take any risk with the film, and hence they have tried their best to showcase things in such a way that it makes the impact on a larger pool of audience. The film is expected to do everything in its capacity to make it a hell of a movie.

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