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Black Summer: What Will Happen Next? When Does Season 2 Arrive On Netflix?


Black summer is one of those series that has been set in the all-time hit Zombie concept, which makes it the favorite. The series has been framed as the spinoff series of Z-Nation. The series premiered on April 11, 2019, and since then, fans have been curious to know the details of its renewal for the second season.

Previously too series and movies based on Zombies have catered to large fans as this is a never-dying concept. The presentation in Black Summer is different, and this makes it unique in every possible sense.

Black Summer Season 2

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When will be the second season of Black Summer be airing?

We don’t have a release date as of now. We were expecting a release date by this time, but the outbreak of recent pandemic has delayed things. Most of the projects in the entertainment industry have come to a crashing halt, and there is every reason to do this. Amid the new practice of social distancing and isolation, there isn’t an iota of the probability of kickstarting the production process.

Once the pandemic is dealt with, we are expecting the dates to be released sooner than later. So hold your horses for now and wait for an official word.

To what extent the COVID-19 affected the production of the series?

The series started filming in the first leg of 2020, but the unexpected turn of events led to the sudden halt of the process. Although this hasn’t happened to this series itself and it has affected the entire industry. The production process was stopped on 18th March 2020 amid the rising risk of the spread of the virus. The producers also acted smartly and didn’t take any risk with the cast and crew. The immediate halt was told to have been till the early of April 2020, but this seems to be a little difficult at this point.

Amid the number of cases and the prevailing condition, unless we don’t have a word from the official sources, nothing can be said for sure. Once an official word comes, we will keep you update with all the relevant details at our disposal.

What could be the possible storyline of the series in its second part?

In most of the series, irrespective of the fact whether it will be renewed or not, the possibility of another season always remains. But this series was unique in this sense as the series could have been quickly wrapped up in the first season itself, but the producers wished to go ahead with the series.

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The final season made it amply clear by showing a reunion between Rose and her daughter. This was one of the scarce moments in the series where one could have smiled. So there is a debate among the fans that whether the second season will complement the series or it may end up jeopardizing the first season too. There is another difference of opinion between the parent series and the current spinoff.

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