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Money Heist Season 4: Complete Review! 3 Things We Look Forward To


So the wait for the most awaited series due for its release has been released globally, and now fans aren’t able to contain their curiosity for the review. So as promised, we are here with a review for the Spanish thriller. It is one of the most awaited series as the series has been one of the most anticipated ones. As always on expected lines, even the fourth season has all the elements which keep its fanbase intact. All the crew is there to take you on a new journey.

The fourth season has all the elements which were anticipated to have; you name it, and it is going to be there. The series has chaos, deceit, thrill, and of course, the Spanish masala, which makes it unique in every possible sense.

Money Heist 'La Casa De Papel' Season 4:

Source: The Buzz Paper

The face hidden deceivers are trapped into one of the toughest spots they have witnessed in the last three seasons. The assassination of Inspector Raquel Murillo has led to a massive backlash, and this time things have gone way out of control. There seems to be no escape without sustaining a major set back.

This season things have gone rogue in both the quarters, and this is something which is going to spill a lot of blood. Inspector Alicia Sierra is on its killing spree and frankly don’t give a damn to whatever comes to them. The extent of defiance has breached all the limits, and this includes defying orders even from the top brass.

Rodrigo De la Serna has always been out of bounds, and it was always tough to control him, but this time around, he is becoming a threat to the group. There is no stopping for him, and he doesn’t seem to be listening to anyone jeopardizing others’ life too. Berlin (Pedro Alonso) also features flashbacks, and this helps in clearing the cloud for the unanswered aspects of the third party.

The fourth season did enhance the character of Tokyo, as she is trying to stabilize things amid the mental instability in the group and to a large extent of hers too. This time around, the characters have been tweaked, and the best turnaround can be witnessed in the character of Professor as he has shown a more humane nature in this season than the previous season. So this time around the characters has been tweaked to shake the already chaos oriented series.

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So if we try to summarise this season, the series seems to be departing from its previous trends in many aspects. Even chaos can be boring at times, and this time they have changed things for good, and the episodes have more surprises for the fans. Fans weren’t anticipating a surprise laden season, but they got one. So if you have already watched the last three seasons, this season will not disappoint as this time the patience level among the rogues has drastically dropped. So there is every reason to watch the fourth season as long as we all are packed inside our homes in the isolation period.

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