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Hanna Season 2: Amazon Prime Videos Release Confirmed? Here’s What We Know


Hanna is the adaption of the 2011 movie with the same title, but this time things are different as the movie has taken the form of a TV series. So far, the first season has been a successful one, and Amazon, as usual, didn’t take much time to renew the series for the second season. There have been several instances in the series where it has diverted from the original film, and this is what makes the series different from the film. So let’s dive into the details of the second season and see what’s in there for us.

The series is based on the life of a girl who is living with her father alienated from the world and CIA agents determined to assassinate her as she posed as a threat to the intelligence agency. Now that all of us are in isolation, perhaps this is the best time to watch a series that can inspire us to live in isolation and maintain social distancing amid the pandemic.

Do we have details on the second season of Hanna?

Hanna Season 2

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As far as the exact dates are concerned, we don’t have one, but the season will be out this year itself.

The first season was mainly focused on laying the foundation of the series and set the premise of the upcoming season. So the second season is going to explore the uncharted territories where Hanna is going to go and eliminate everyone who has any ill will to harm her or her group of assassins. The group of assassins is the deadly fighters, and the series in its first season has shown how Hanna’s dad, Erik, trained her rigorously.

But there is a leeward side to the renewal of the series as the recent pandemic has distorted the whole schedule of the year. This year major disruptions will be witnessed, so a definite date is beyond anyone’s ability to predict. We are also relying on the official announcement and not on speculations.

Who are all slated to join the cast in the second season?

This time the cast is going to see some new faces, and that says it all for the storyline too. The new entrants in the series are going to be the ones who will change the course of the story. So expect some severe change waiting for you in the second season.

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The second season will be featuring Dermot Mulroney, who is all set to take up the role of John Carmichael, who also happens to be the mentor of Marisa’s. Anthony Welsh will be playing the role of Leo Garner, who is a member of the Utrax operations team, having expertise in the process of inducting recruits. Cherelle Skeete who is from the organization that is hell-bent on assassinating Hanna. Severine Howell-Meri will be taking up the role of new Utrax soldier along with Gianna Kiehl, who will be joining the league of assassins.

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