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Altered Carbon: Netflix Season 3 Renewed Or Not? Here’s What We Know


Tough times are there, and renewals are on indefinite hold unless things start to go back to normal. The series is premised on a very interesting concept, which involves terms like “sleeves” and “stacks.” The stacks are information bundles stored in the spines of newborns, which act as the central repository of all the memories and intellect.

So even if the body is no longer there, humans can switch from one body to another body, which they have termed as sleeves. The series has recently released the second series, and the fans have overtly liked it. So we will explore the options of a third season and what is the possibility of having a third season.

Altered Carbon Season 3

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What do we know about the renewal of the series for the third season?

The series has been recently renewed for the second season, and fans are already up in arm to know the details of the third season. As of now, we don’t have any official details on the third season, and it will be tough to predict if the series will be renewed or not. Although the concept of the series has such flexibility that it can be renewed for any number of times.

But the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted the yearly cycle, and now the renewal of the series has been left to the mercy of destiny. Many shows that were expected to be renewed were put on hold, so as of now, we don’t know if we will have any details shortly.

Can we predict a release date for the third season?

Even if the renewal of the series is announced, the series will be taking a long while to air the series for the third season. So if we follow the release pattern of previous seasons, we can at least make a presumption on the release date of the series. The release of the second season took roughly two years, but this isn’t going to be the case in the contemporary season. As the first season release also included a lot of change in the cast and other things attached to it.

The renewal of the series will be delayed for sure, but if we get an official announcement, then we have to expect a window of at least one and a half years.

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What could be the possible storyline of the series?

The best part of the series is that the story can go for an infinite number of seasons as the genesis of the series gives it the liberty of extending the storyline indefinitely. The series has been renewed for two seasons, and the second season saw a new face as the concept of the show allows changing human forms. So this is unique in a way that the character remains the same, and actors keep on changing. So if any official details come to us, we will update you.

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