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What’s The Update On JOKER Sequel, Will We Be Having Joker 2


Joker was one of the most exciting and best movies of 2019, which was loved and appreciated by all. Joker has persevered through an available dramatic encounter, regardless of – or maybe as a result of – the wild discussion about the severity of the film and its situation in current mainstream society. Lost in the discussion was the standard discuss seeing Joaquin Phoenix in a Joker series as Arthur Fleck.

There have been bits of gossip and rumors about the development of Joker 2. There has additionally been in a discussion that Phillips will return as a director with Scott Silver, who has likewise been working on the first film.

Release Date

There Is no Specific release date for joker 2 as there is no official declaration about the Joker 2, and we need to sit tight for the declaration of Joker 2.

Joker 2

Source: IndieWire

Cast Of Joker 2

DC is right now tied with Phoenix continuation choices. As Joaquin Phoenix has won Oscar this year, Warner Bros’ plan to strike gold twice, and it isn’t amazing.

There is no official declaration of the cast details yet. However, we will be glad to refresh the cast info when they reported it formally.

What We Can Expect From Joker 2

Where this series is going, it looks somewhat unsure as, toward the finish of Joker, Arthur was bolted up and finished his change into the eponymous villain.

The last scene of the film shows Arthur trapped in Arkham State Hospital, apparently arrested after the police finished the mobs that hit Gotham City. The last scene in the film was to move down the clinic lobby, leaving red stamps afterward.

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It appears to be an exceptionally a comic book film, however, and would recommend out of place in Todd Phillips ‘ universe. We don’t know with conviction that Bruce Wayne must experience childhood to avenge his parents.

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