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Space Jam 2: Here’s Everything You Should Know About The Sequel

by Albert Luke Walker

The 1996 edition movie is all set to be back with a bang, and no doubt, every die-hard basketball fan is eagerly waiting for the renewal of the show, and this time there is more to it. 1996 follow up is expected to have NBA star LeBron James in the sequel. There are instances where people from different areas may end up contributing to a movie. There is much more to it, and we will try to encompass every aspect so that there is a holistic picture in front of you.

The first edition of the movie featured the fictional version of Michael Jordon, the greatest of all the time basketball player, and there is no doubt that the movie was a hit, and there are similar expectations from the Space Jam 2. This time the show will have the voice of NBA star LeBron James along with the looney toons.

Space Jam 2

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But this time with the advent of LeBron James at the scene we can expect some changes which are going to be there for good reasons. This time the Lola Bunny is expected to be on the driving seat, and he is all set to replace Bugs Bunny.

This time the show is expected to bring the 90s nostalgia back to the contemporary generation. This is all set to bring the good old days back to the screen, but this time it is going to with a different set of characters, but the concept is going to be the same.

Do we have a release date?

Here we have good news for you, and the movie is all set to be aired on 16th January 2021. Now, this may appear to be a long wait, but there are multiple aspects to take care of, and this is the very reason the show is taking its time to keep everything in order and then release the movie. Although the season is expected to be packed for the Warner Bros and this year is going to be a super busy one. So we have to give them the due time to get things done.

There are other players from NBA too

Don Cheadle is expected to be in Space Jam 2, and there is a flurry of speculations doing rounds on the internet, but there is no certainty about the role he is going to play in the upcoming movie. In several instances in the past, players have joined the series and movie, and this is happening for one more time, but this time with a slight difference. Warner Bros confirmed in July last year that there are going to be other players from NBA, and this has encouraged the fans who were waiting for their favorite players to appear on the screen with Lola Bunny.

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If any news comes to us, we will love to update you with the same and a detailed review right after the release of the movie next year.

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