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Messiah: Will You Have Season 2? Here’s What We Know About The Potential Sequel

by Albert Luke Walker

There is no dearth of shows where there is an over the top storyline couple with a decent cast, but Messiah is at an altogether different level, and there is much more to which we are going to explore in the latter part of the article. The storyline is pivoted around a CIA agent who is working in a case where she is confronting a man who projects himself like a godly figure. She knows that she is going in the right direction, but she is struggling to keep up with his deceive.

Do we have a release date for the renewal of the series?

There is no reason to disbelieve that the show will not be continued, but as of now, there is no release date or any official word from Netflix. There is a lot that goes into the renewal of the series, and once everything is sorted, we can have a release date. There is no reason to disbelieve the producers intent as the show has made a remarkable success in the first season. The fans widely acclaimed each element of the show, and very soon, we can expect an official word from Netflix or someone from the production team.

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If we see last year’s pattern, we can comfortably say that the show will be renewed by the streaming platform in early 2021, as this is the standard time taken by Netflix, and this is expected to happen this time too.

Who is going to be in the cast?

Not much alteration is expected in the second season of the Messiah, and the way the first season ended, there is a ton of stuff to deal with it, and the show is in a cliffhanger. Michelle Monaghan is expected to explore those aspects which have been concealed by Al-Masih. None of the lead actors will be changed, and frankly, there is no need for an official word regarding the cast as the cast has a substantial role apart from the storyline. So any alteration at this stage can be catastrophic for the series.

What could be the possible storyline for the next season?

There is a lot to speculate about the second season as this season is going to be full of revelations, and this is the reason fans are eagerly waiting to see the next season. This season we can expect to know more about Al Masih, and it will be interesting to see how  Michelle Monaghan will be able to prove that this man who is deceiving as a godman is nothing but another liar misusing religion for his advancement.

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Although the first season showed Michelle Monaghan tussle with Al Masih and her organization, too, as even they seem to be less interested in her endeavor. So this season, it will be interesting to see how the story is going to shape the characters. If any further details come to us, we will love to update you.

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