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Call Of Duty Warzone Battle Royale ,Everything We Know So Far

by Hina Zabi

Call of Duty Franchise got a major boost after the reboot of popular series Modern Warfare totally beat all the odds and competitions. Moreover, the absence of its rival games also had a huge impact on the gamer’s population.

Now Call of Duty wants to strengthen its market on the Battle Royale segment. After a massive failure of Call of Duty Blackout, Call of Duty tends to launch a first of its kind 200 Men battle Royale mode Warzone.

Warzone has many speculations and some may excite every single Call of Duty and Battle Royale geek.

Free To Play

Games Like Apex Legends and Fortnite have a larger user base and the reason is simple, they both available for free. Now Call of Duty has the same implementation and make the mode available for free.

150-200 Men

The best thing about the Warzone will be its match length, Warzone comprises with150 men which will extend up to 200 after the launch. So more men will get involved in one match which simply means the match length will be much than expected or you can survive lately.


It’s pretty obvious for carrying a bunch of players in a single match, a vast map is required and it is rumored that this mode’s map will be the biggest of all including city and desert structures.

Gulag Rumors

If you somehow die early in the game, you will wake up in gulag with mere chances of survival.

Leaked Gameplay


A Youtuber named Chaos mistakenly leaked the gameplay and it is evident that this Battle royale will be a Stormbreaker for its rivals.

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