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Kerala Blasters vs RoundGlass Punjab FC: Predicted Lineups

by Cameron James Connor

As the Indian Super League (ISL) football season progresses, fans of both Kerala Blasters and RoundGlass Punjab FC are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming clash between these two teams. One of the most exciting moments before a match is the release of the predicted lineups, which give fans an idea of how their favorite team might line up on matchday.

In this article, we will analyze the predicted lineups for the Kerala Blasters and RoundGlass Punjab FC match, discuss the key players to watch out for, and delve into the tactical considerations that coaches might take into account.

Kerala Blasters Predicted Lineup:

Formation: 4-2-3-1

Goalkeeper: Albino Gomes


  • Nishu Kumar
  • Costa Nhamoinesu
  • Sandeep Singh
  • Jessel Carneiro


  • Vicente Gomez
  • Jeakson Singh
  • Sahal Abdul Samad
  • Jorge Pereyra Diaz
  • Facundo Pereyra


  • Gary Hooper

Key Players to Watch:

Vicente Gomez: The Spanish midfielder is crucial in linking defense to attack and providing stability in midfield.

Costa Nhamoinesu: The experienced defender will be tasked with keeping RoundGlass Punjab FC’s attackers at bay.

Jorge Pereyra Diaz: A creative force in midfield, Diaz will be instrumental in creating scoring opportunities for the team.

RoundGlass Punjab FC Predicted Lineup:

Formation: 4-3-3

Goalkeeper: Walli Siddiqui


  • Anwar Ali
  • Bektur Talgat
  • Mohammed Irshad
  • Girik Khosla


  • Sanju Pradhan
  • Rupert Nongrum
  • Aser Dipanda


  • Chencho Gyeltshen
  • Papa Babacar Diawara
  • Harjinder Singh

Key Players to Watch:

Chencho Gyeltshen: The Bhutanese winger possesses pace and skill, capable of unlocking defenses with his dribbling ability.

Papa Babacar Diawara: The striker will be the focal point of RoundGlass Punjab FC’s attack, using his physicality to trouble the opposition’s defense.

Sanju Pradhan: A versatile midfielder, Pradhan’s work rate and creativity will be vital for the team’s success.

Tactical Considerations:

  • Midfield Battle: The midfield area will be crucial in this matchup, with both teams fielding strong midfielders who can control the tempo of the game.

  • Defensive Solidity: Both teams will look to stay compact at the back and limit the opposition’s chances, making it a potentially tight affair.

  • Set-Piece Threats: With tall defenders and physical strikers in both teams, set-pieces could be a decisive factor in the outcome of the match.

  • Counter-Attacking Opportunities: Given the attacking quality on both sides, quick transitions and counter-attacks could be key in breaking the deadlock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. When is the Kerala Blasters vs RoundGlass Punjab FC match scheduled to take place?
– The match is scheduled to take place on [date and time].

2. Where can fans watch the Kerala Blasters vs RoundGlass Punjab FC match live?
– The match will be broadcasted live on [TV channel/streaming platform].

3. Which player has been in top form for Kerala Blasters leading up to this match?
– [Player name] has been standout in recent games, contributing with goals and assists.

4. What is the head-to-head record between Kerala Blasters and RoundGlass Punjab FC?
– Kerala Blasters have won X out of X previous meetings between the two teams.

5. Who is the top scorer for RoundGlass Punjab FC this season?
– [Player name] has been prolific in front of goal for RoundGlass Punjab FC this season.

6. What are the recent results of both teams coming into this match?
– Kerala Blasters have [describe recent results], while RoundGlass Punjab FC have [describe recent results].

7. Are there any key injuries or suspensions for either team ahead of this match?
– [Injury/suspension update for each team].

8. Which coach has been more successful in head-to-head matchups between the coaches of Kerala Blasters and RoundGlass Punjab FC?
– [Coach name] has a better record in head-to-head matchups against [opposing coach].

9. How have the fans been gearing up for this match?
– [Describe fan excitement and pre-match preparations for both sets of supporters].

10. What are the key areas where Kerala Blasters can exploit RoundGlass Punjab FC’s weaknesses?
– [Analyze tactical weaknesses and areas of vulnerability in RoundGlass Punjab FC’s setup].

In conclusion, the Kerala Blasters vs RoundGlass Punjab FC match promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams showcasing their talent and determination on the field. The predicted lineups provide a glimpse into the strategies that each team might employ, setting the stage for an exciting ISL clash.

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