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Exploring A-Z Kannada Old Songs Masterpieces

by Cameron James Connor

Are you a fan of Kannada old songs? Do you find yourself humming tunes from classics like “Naguta Naguta Baare,” “Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku,” or “Jo Jo Laali Jo Jo Laali”? If so, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we will take a trip down memory lane and explore the mesmerizing world of A-Z Kannada old songs masterpieces.

Introduction to Kannada Old Songs

Kannada cinema, often referred to as Sandalwood, has a rich musical heritage that dates back to the early days of Indian cinema. The industry has produced timeless classics that continue to enchant audiences even today. Songs from the Golden Era of Kannada cinema have a unique charm that transcends generations. Composed by legendary music directors and sung by iconic playback singers, these songs are an integral part of the cultural fabric of Karnataka.

A-Z Kannada Old Songs Masterpieces

Let’s dive into the treasure trove of A-Z Kannada old songs masterpieces that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of music lovers:

A for “Anuraga Aralithu”

  • Movie: Anuraga Aralithu (1986)
  • Singers: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki
  • Music Director: Rajan-Nagendra
  • Highlights: “Hodeya Doora O Jothegara,” “Baare Baare Chandada Cheluvina Taare”

B for “Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma”

  • Movie: Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu (1974)
  • Singer: P. B. Sreenivas
  • Music Director: Rajan-Nagendra
  • Highlights: “Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma,” “Baruvaga Ninna Hugiyavu”

C for “Cheluve Ondu Kelthini”

  • Movie: Aasegobba Meesegobba (1990)
  • Singer: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
  • Music Director: Hamsalekha
  • Highlights: “Cheluve Ondu Kelthini,” “Mooru Manasu Nooru Kanasu”

D for “Deva Antha Adbhutha”

  • Movie: Apoorva Sangama (1984)
  • Singer: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
  • Music Director: M. Ranga Rao
  • Highlights: “Deva Antha Adbhutha,” “Madhura Madhura Meenakshi”

E for “Edakallu Guddada Mele”

  • Movie: Edakallu Guddada Mele (1980)
  • Singers: S. Janaki, K. J. Yesudas
  • Music Director: G. K. Venkatesh
  • Highlights: “Maathaad Maathaad Mallige,” “Nannavale Nannavale”

F for “Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku”

  • Movie: Aakasmika (1993)
  • Singer: Rajesh Krishnan
  • Music Director: Hamsalekha
  • Highlights: “Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku,” “Kanasalu Neene Manasalu Neene”

Nostalgia Revisited: Kannada Old Songs Playlist

Feeling nostalgic already? Here’s a curated Kannada old songs playlist to transport you back in time:

  1. “Naguta Naguta Baare” from Ranganayaki (1981)
  2. “Theredide Mane O Baa Atithi” from Eradu Kanasu (1974)
  3. “Jo Jo Laali Jo Jo Laali” from Gejje Pooje (1969)
  4. “Aadisidaata Besara Moodi” from Kasturi Nivasa (1971)
  5. “Jenina Holeyo” from Chalisuva Modagalu (1982)
  6. “Madhura Pisumaatige” from Seetharamu (1979)

Key Elements of Kannada Old Songs

  • Melodious tunes: Kannada old songs are known for their soul-stirring melodies that linger in the listener’s heart.
  • Lyrical depth: The poetic lyrics of these songs often convey profound emotions and timeless truths.
  • Iconic singers: Legendary playback singers like S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki, and P. B. Sreenivas have lent their voices to some of the most memorable Kannada old songs.
  • Innovative music directors: Maestros like Rajan-Nagendra, Hamsalekha, and G. K. Venkatesh have composed music that stands the test of time.

FAQs About Kannada Old Songs

1. What defines a Kannada old song?

Answer: Kannada old songs typically refer to songs from the black-and-white era to the early 2000s that have a nostalgic and timeless appeal.

2. Who are some of the iconic playback singers in Kannada cinema?

Answer: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, S. Janaki, P. B. Sreenivas, and K. J. Yesudas are renowned playback singers in Kannada cinema.

3. Which music directors have made a significant impact on Kannada old songs?

Answer: Rajan-Nagendra, Hamsalekha, and G. K. Venkatesh are some of the influential music directors known for their work in Kannada old songs.

4. Are Kannada old songs still popular among audiences today?

Answer: Yes, Kannada old songs continue to have a dedicated fan base, and their popularity endures through radio, television, and digital platforms.

5. Can I find Kannada old songs on streaming platforms?

Answer: Yes, popular streaming platforms like Gaana, JioSaavn, and YouTube have curated playlists of Kannada old songs for listeners to enjoy.


In conclusion, A-Z Kannada old songs masterpieces hold a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. The timeless melodies, profound lyrics, and soulful renditions make these songs an integral part of Karnataka’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Kannada old songs or a newcomer eager to explore the classics, this musical journey promises an enriching experience like no other. Let the magic of Kannada old songs transport you to a bygone era filled with nostalgia and melodies that resonate across time.

So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of A-Z Kannada old songs masterpieces!

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