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A Guide to Engaging Customers through Mass Text Messaging

by Cameron James Connor

Reaching a mass global audience is the key to expanding your business. There are a number of tactics that you can adopt in order to reach this goal. One of them will be to make use of mass texting. SMS is a method that gives you instant results that can drive up your level of engagement. It’s a very efficient way to create a buzz in mere minutes.

Focus on the Results You Desire

Mass text messaging begins with the simple task of creating a focus. You want to zero in on the content that you believe will most effectively drive sales. But this isn’t all. You also want to reach the customers that will respond most quickly and positively to your text.

Meanwhile, you also want to reach customers at a time that is convenient for them. This should also be the time at which they have the most disposable cash. All of these various considerations need to come together into the perfect sales opportunity. You will need to do quite a bit of research in order to time the moment exactly right.

To do this will require a great deal of focus. If you can pull it off, the rewards will be immense. You will have succeeded in raising your level of exposure while bringing in a whole new level of sales. The time it takes to achieve these results can be measured in a matter of hours. Mass texting can give your business an instant new lease on life.

Knowing in advance what your goals are will help you realize them. How soon do you want to be able to earn $3000 a week? How soon do you want to get out of selling one type of goods and into another? The goals that you set for yourself should be reflected in your texting. You can use it as a rubric to gauge the precise extent of their fulfillment.

Split Your Customer Base into Segments

SMS texts offer a wide range of opportunities to target your audience in a way that can result in improved engagement. The key is to realize that not all of your customers share the same precise demographics. For example, they are likely to split down into different age groups as well as different income brackets.

Your customers don’t all share the same interests. They don’t all buy the same exact range of goods. You will thus need to create a number of varying SMS texts that target each of them according to their wants and needs. To do so, you’re going to need to do a bit of research. This can be achieved through polling them on your site and social media pages.

Once you know who your main demographics are, you can target directly to them. You can make use of different language and SEO styles in order to personalize each SMS text. This will encourage a healthy diversity that will prevent you from putting all of your eggs in one basket. If one demographic should desert you, you still have others to rely on.

Make Sure Every Text Feels Personal

It’s important to make sure that your SMS texts are as far from generic as possible. The last thing anyone wants to receive is a message that feels cold, distant, and robotic. If you know that a person is a loyal customer, send them a thank you note. As you do so, you can also include a few sly links toward goods that match their interests.

The key is to make yourself as credible and friendly as you can. You want your texts to be greeted with a positive reception. The goods that you offer need to be accompanied with plenty of special bonuses and other incentives. The language that you use needs to be customized to mesh with the way that this certain group of people communicates.

The principle behind SMS messaging is simple enough to understand. However, the way you apply will determine your level of success. Crafting a profitable SMS campaign depends on focus, study, and attention to SEO. All of these details add up to a tactic that offers a very fast ROI.

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