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Making a Living as a Scuba Diver

by Yash Ranjan

For the adventurous, there’s something magical about exploring different worlds outside of normal human experience. This might make you think of outer space and different planets; something straight out of science fiction. There is, however, an entire world right here on Earth that people can and do explore. Things are very different under the sea.

Scuba divers are among the most adventurous souls on the planet. Marine life can be fascinating and the ability to view it in person and perhaps interact with it is a major attraction for intrepid divers. Shipwrecks and other surface items that languish beneath the waves also make diving an exhilarating adventure. 

It can be an expensive hobby. If you could make a living scuba diving, you would achieve the goal of loving what you do. There are several ways to make money underwater.

Open a Dive Shop

Selling scuba diving equipment can be a good way to make a living while staying connected to your passion. You can offer your expertise to customers and get to live in a good diving area. Make sure you choose the right location, advertise and market well, and get excellent dive shop software to track sales and inventory. 

Become an Instructor

Scuba diving is an activity that interests many tourists, especially in tropical areas with warm water. A newbie shouldn’t just dive in. Proper instruction in technique and safety is essential and as an instructor, you can provide that. It’s a chance to make money, share your favorite activity, and spend time diving while at work. What could be better?

Take Underwater Photographs

The world beneath the surface is incredible and there are many people who would love to own photographs of it but don’t have the skill or courage to go down and take them. Investing in an underwater camera can be profitable. Record your adventures and get beautiful shots of fish, coral, and the sea floor. Pictures of sunken ships are exciting and a shot or two of a shark can be a big seller. You can make a nice living as well as have a photographic record of your greatest adventures.

Find Things Lost in the Water

People frequently drop things and sometimes they are on a boat, a bridge, or at the edge of a river and the item sinks to the bottom, seemingly lost forever. This is not the case as a good diver can go down and find and retrieve the item. Valuables such as jewelry or things with sentimental value are important to the people who lose them. They will be happy to hire you to get back their precious items. 

Picking Up Golf Balls

Water hazards are common features at most golf courses. Stray shots frequently land in ponds, lakes, and streams. They may belong to players or to the club. Either would be happy to pay to get them back rather than have to buy new balls. Diving to pick up golf balls can be profitable and many divers make an excellent living by retrieving balls at clubs in their area. You will need a good way to clean them up.

Clean and Repair Swimming Pools

Pools are generally cleaned from above the water but larger ones, such as those at hotels or public pools may have areas that are hard to reach from the poolside. As a diver, you can get down to any part of the pool that needs cleaning or repair. The work can be done without the time and expense of draining and refilling the pool. That is a convenience people are willing to pay for and can net you a nice profit.

Write a Diving Blog

Granted, blogging is not an easy way to make significant amounts of money but it can bring in a supplemental income. You can review equipment, write about diving destinations, and offer tips and instruction on diving techniques. Using social media can help you connect with people who are interested in diving. You could even start and monetize a YouTube channel, showing videos of your adventures as well as interviews with other divers.

Being able to make a living doing something you love and would do for free is a wonderful thing. For diving enthusiasts, there are a number of ways to earn while you enjoy your underwater adventures.

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