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4 Valid Reasons To Choose A Used Car Over A New One

by Radhe Gupta
Used Car

Purchasing a new vehicle can be an exciting experience. Whether it is exciting like a trip to the amusement park, or exciting like a haunted house depends on the buyer. Fortunately, car buying doesn’t have to be scary; you just need a rough idea of what you want. 

Whether you’re looking for a work truck, a daily driver or something a little flashier, consider purchasing a used car before you buy a brand new one off the lot. Used cars bring a lot of added benefits to the table and can save you a decent amount of money too; especially if you’re checking out car dealerships in Muncie. 

1. Lower Monthly Payments

It seems like bills never stop. There’s times where it seems if you didn’t have bills, you wouldn’t have mail at all. Purchasing a cheaper, used car is a great way to cut down on your bills by getting rid of a monthly car payment. Being able to reinvest an extra $300-700 per month is a game changer for any budget. Check with the car dealerships Muncie to see what their average payments are on new and used cars. 

2. Less Depreciation

New cars depreciate incredibly quickly in comparison to used cars. This is simply because a new car is only “new” once. From the moment it hits the road, it begins to depreciate in value. This may not seem like a major loss, as you intend to ride out this car, but every little bit matters when it comes to savings. 

3. Insurance Costs

Insurance costs add up quickly so anywhere you can manage to save is always a bonus. Purchasing a used car is typically cheaper to insure than purchasing a newer car simply because a used car has depreciated and is of lesser value. In most states, there is a minimum insurance that you can carry to operate a motor vehicle but that isn’t an option when you still owe money to the bank for your auto loan. Check state requirements before you head to a car dealership in Muncie. 

4. Less Really Is More

Buying a used car can benefit you in a major way. Spending less money on your car outright means that your dealership fees will also come in at a lesser amount. When someone is working on commission, sales drive their paycheck. The higher the sale, the more money they stand to make. Don’t fall for the slick tactics and take a $76K new truck off the lot when you could purchase a sturdy, daily driver. 

Consider Your Investment Wisely

Take time to consider your needs and wants out of your next vehicle as you should with any investment. Purchasing a used car can save you a lot of money. Ultimately, you should be comfortable in, and love what you drive when you spend time in your car. It is also a lot easier to enjoy your time when you’re saving an extra few dollars each month from car dealerships in Muncie.

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