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Car Designing Courses in India – What Can You Learn?

by Radhe Gupta
Car Designing

What’s the point of taking up car designing courses? Why are they important, and how can they help you land that dream job in your field? Of course, these are valid questions, but what makes them even more interesting is that there are no concrete answers.

While it would be difficult to give specific answers, it would be helpful to understand what these courses are about and how they will help you in your career later on. This will be the theme of this blog post on car designing courses in India, what you can learn from them and how they help you succeed in your chosen field.

How the car design course will train you

A Car Designing Courses In India will teach you how to transform raw creativity into beautiful and elegant car designs. Here is a list of some of the important topics that it may cover during the course:

(1)    Introduction to Automotive Industry

(2)    Sketching Drawing Techniques

(3)    Media Techniques for Hybrid Electric Vehicle

(4)    Abstract Design for Car Painting.

This course will give you the foundational skills needed to work as a professional designer.

Do designers work only on the exterior and interior designs

Exterior designers are the people who bring out your car’s features by applying different forms and shades to them. They work with the exterior panels of the car. These panels comprise bumper, headlamps, windshields, grilles, doors and side skirts.

The interior designers work on interiors of cars like dashboards, leather upholstery and more, depending on the requirement of their clients.

What kind of career path can you get after graduating from this course

Completing a car designing course teaches you the skills to design and develop new cars. These courses will provide a solid understanding of the automotive industry and its evolution.

After completing your car designing course, you may find yourself well-suited for automotive engineering or product development careers.

The job scope after getting a degree in car designing

You can pursue one of two paths with a degree in car design. The first is to become a car designer for an automotive manufacturer, where you design vehicles that are mass-produced and sold to the public.

The second path is to open your consulting firm, where you consult for companies creating new vehicle concepts.

How much time it takes to complete the course

Course duration varies depending on the type of course. For example, a student would need to invest 60 months of study time for diploma programs, which typically last two years.

Bachelor’s degree programs take four years and require 120 months of study time, while master’s degree programs are two years long and require 40 months. PhD programs typically require three to four years, with 36-48 months each year.


As the demand for eco-friendly and safe vehicles rises, so does the need to train workers in the skills they need to create this technology and build these vehicles. Car design courses in India are designed to allow students to gain the skills they need to get started in this career field and make sure they stay ahead of the curve on new developments that could revolutionise the car industry as we know it. Here’s a quick look at what you can learn in your car design courses in India to see if it might be something you want to pursue further.

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