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Explore the effects of THC-O

by Yash Ranjan

Let’s learn more about the awesome, powerful cannabinoid THC-O today.

First, more cannabinoids are being discovered. THCs are being discovered more frequently every day. Scientists continue to discover new cannabinoids, from identifying delta-9 THC and establishing its variants delta-8 and 10 – all of this is possible. The cannabis industry continues to grow. Additionally, more superior THCs are being discovered.

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Americans have discovered THC-O acetate, or THC -O, a new hemp-derived substance. It is strong and potent, so many people find it attractive, even those who don’t have legal access to marijuana. THCO popularity and appeal stem from its legal status and strength. Who doesn’t like a good buzz?

THC-O Acetate has a strength three times greater than traditional THC. Because of its hallucinogenic properties, some call it “the psychedelic cannabinoid.” THC-O products have also been growing in popularity in states that do not allow legal, state-licensed delta-9 THC products. Federally legal hemp allows users to have it all right now.

THC-O, along with its delta-9-THC counterpart, banned in certain jurisdictions and flagged as illegal by the DEA, seems destined for a rapid rise.

Online purchase of THC-O goods like vape carts or tinctures is possible. Their legality and safety are still under debate. We’ll be answering your questions today about this cannabinoid. We will also discuss the possible benefits of THC-O acetate and highlight potential side effects. 

What is THC-O?

THCO stands for tetra cannabinoid-O-acetate, also referred to as THC-O acetate. It is a synthetic cannabis cannabinoid. THC-O acetate is not a natural compound and must be made in the laboratory.

While many people are only now aware of THCO, the U.S. military started researching its effects in 1949.

A Brief History of THC-O

Between 1949 and 1975, the United States Army conducted Edgewood Arsenal Experiments. During this time, THC-O and THC were discovered and tested. THC-O was twice as destructive to dogs’ muscle coordination as regular delta-9-THC. The drug’s long period was not noticeable, but it had a notable strength that researchers could separate from conventional THC.

THC-O was rediscovered by DEO researchers when they focused on its synthesis process a second time. Suddenly, everything started to look hazy. In comparison to heroin and morphine, THC-O and THC have different effects. 

The researchers compared the methods of extracting the drugs in their defense. In much the same way that heroin is derived from morphine, THC-O is also derived from THC.

THC-O effects

THC can bind with the endocannabinoid systems receptors that control mood, pain, or other emotions. THC can make you feel high or even euphoric. THC O acetate is the main psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. THC O acetate, however, is a drug. It is therefore biologically inactive until the body metabolizes it. Each person is different, so that THCO could affect each individual differently. 

Where to buy THCO products online?

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