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3 Hidden Gems in the French Quarter

by Radhe Gupta

If you have been to New Orleans before and have done a fair bit of exploring the city, you may be quite familiar with the French Quarter and all of the best places to see. If you are already familiar with the city and the French Quarter, you have probably hit all of the highlights.

When planning your next trip to NOLA, you may want to go a bit deeper and check out some of the best unknown spots. As you prepare your agenda for your next visit to the Big Easy, consider adding these hidden gems in the French Quarter:

Fritzel’s Jazz Pub

If you love the idea of experiencing jazz music in New Orleans, you have probably already visited or at least heard of Preservation Hall in the French Quarter. However, if you are looking for someplace more intimate and with fewer tourists, Fritzel’s Jazz Pub is one of the French Quarter’s best kept secrets.

Fritzel’s will allow you to enjoy authentic New Orleans jazz without the overcrowding of a tourist hotspot. If you plan a trip to Fritzel’s, be sure to enjoy the balcony as you take in the great jazz music.

Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

If you are looking for a bar in the French Quarter that is off the beaten path, consider Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. Although Jean Lafitte’s is on Rue Bourbon, it is at the far end of the street, where most tourists don’t end up making it. 

The building itself is one of the oldest in the city, so you will get a chance to check out a historical building away from the big crowds. While there, enjoy the piano music and grab a beer to keep cool.


If you have been to NOLA before, you have probably sampled beignets at Cafe Du Monde, or at least heard of the popular French donuts and the famous restaurant to grab one of the city’s signature treats in. However, if you want to expand your horizons and venture into new dessert territory, you should check out Brennan’s

Brennan’s is famous for inventing one of the Big Easy’s other signature treats: bananas foster. So if you want to grab a snack or dessert and want to avoid the huge crowds of tourists at Cafe Du Monde, head to Brennan’s to get some decadent bananas foster.

Once you have discovered all of these hidden gems in the French Quarter, you may be wanting to make the big move to the Big Easy. If you want to spend more time looking for hidden gems and exploring the city as a resident, luckily there are many New Orleans houses for sale.

Whether you do want to move to the city, or are just planning another visit, be sure to check out these amazing secret places. Head to Fritzel’s for some jazz, Jean Lafitte’s for a beer, and Brennan’s for bananas foster. Your next trip to New Orleans is sure to be a hit with these hidden gems.  

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