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10 Reasons To Buy Rental Property By: Raymond James

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Some people shy away from investing in rental properties because they don’t want to maintain more property than they already own or because it seems like a complicated process. The truth is, renting out your property to someone else and benefiting from those monthly checks does have its advantages. This blog post will cover 10 reasons why buying rental properties may be for you.

1. Rental Income

The main benefit to buying properties to rent out is the monthly income. All you have to do is find a property that can collect enough rent each month, take it out of the market, and money will continue to flow into your bank account each month. The more properties you own, the more money will flow in, and it takes almost no work to maintain.

2. Property Value Appreciation

Property value can go up or down depending on the rental market. If your property has been around for a while and you’ve done a good job maintaining it, you may be able to increase its value.

3. Tax Benefits

Investing in rental properties can be tax deductible. Some of the amounts you can deduct are mortgage interest, property taxes, and maintenance costs. You’ll want to get this all squared away with a good financial advisor before making any decisions.

4. Inflation Hedge

Buying rental properties is an investment in real estate that has been a good hedge against inflation for the past several years. In other words, when prices for goods go up, rent tends to go up as well. If you buy a piece of property today and rent it out, its value will most likely hold or increase in the future.

5. Ability To Leverage Funds

If you rely on your cash to purchase a rental property, you limit how much you can borrow to buy additional properties. If your lender requires that you have equity in the property, renting out your place will allow you to leverage a large sum of cash from the bank to purchase more real estate.

6. Long-Term Security

The rental income from a property can support you for the long term, especially if you choose to use your rental income as part of your retirement plan. While you may not be able to access your money immediately, a traditional retirement plan limits how much you can take out each year. You’ll have much more flexibility with rental income, and it can be a great way to supplement your other retirement plans without selling the property.

7. Diversification

If you’re looking to invest in real estate long-term, purchasing rental property allows you to diversify. Diversification refers to spreading your money across various vehicles so that if one doesn’t work out for some reason, many others will be available and able to support you.

8. Fulfillment And Control

Taking care of your property can be a fulfilling experience. It’s satisfying to take care of it and depend on it for your income. You’ll also have control over who you rent to, which is important if you are concerned with who lives in your neighborhood.

9. Chance To Build Capital

Buying and renting a property will allow you to make money while it’s under your control. The capital you build from rental properties can be used in various ways. You can use it to purchase other real estate, or you can use it to expand your current business.

10. You Can Live Anywhere

You don’t have to live in the same place as your rental property. If you choose, you can find a great property and hire someone else to take care of it. You can then move on and find another spot that might be more conducive to what you want at that time. The more properties you own, the more flexibility you have in your life and location.


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