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How to choose the best crystal chandeliers for your dining room?

by Thomas Browne
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The dining room is the heart of your space and a chandelier is the perfect lighting design that can accentuate the aesthetic value of the space and also bring an exceptional functionality quotient to the table, quite literally. You can go with a layered lighting concept for the dining room to add some depth to the space but a statement piece is absolutely necessary as a focal point in the space can do wonders for your ambiance. 

Now, even with crystal chandeliers, there are a plethora of options out there that can grace your fabulous abode. So here’s everything you’ll need to find the perfect fit for your dining space. 

1. Do not confuse crystal chandeliers with glass chandeliers 

This is the most common mistake everybody ends up making. There’s a huge difference between glass and crystal chandeliers. Crystals have a distinct shine and you can see a broad spectrum of color when light passes through them. On the other hand, glass does not project color when light is thrown at it. Crystals are also created quite intricately with very fine, and thin edges so it becomes easy to distinguish between them and glass. 

2. Choose the correct design language

You could be looking for a traditional look, a contemporary look, or something in between. Still, it’s important to choose the right design language as it majorly influences the ambiance of the space. While crystal chandeliers naturally have a traditional look, you could focus on the other elements to match the theme of your dining space. Elements like chrome and glass will give the crystal chandelier a modern vibe, metal or wood give it a rustic appearance and similarly, you could find contemporary and minimalist alternatives too. 

3. Measure the chandelier properly 

You wouldn’t want your dining space to become too glary and that’s why it is necessary to go for a chandelier that isn’t too big or too loud for your dining space. And it is important that it doesn’t appear proportionate to the dining table. The diameter of a dining room chandelier can be up to two-thirds the width of the table over which it will be placed. Alternatively, the diameter of the fixture can be about 1 foot less in diameter than the width of the dining room table at its widest point. 

4. Keep an eye on the trends 

People are going back to the rustic and decrepit chandeliers and it is important to keep an eye on all the trends in the industry. You don’t want to make a mistake here as it would make your decor slightly outdated. The only way to counter this is to go for timeless classic chandeliers or modern chandeliers as they never go out of style. 

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