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How To Infuse Your Cigarettes With Menthol

by Radhe Gupta
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The menthol cigarette craze started in the 1950s to cool down smokers. These cigarettes are designed to give smokers a cooling sensation. However, in 2020, the sale of menthol cigarettes was banned to stop young people from smoking.

This move left menthol cigarette lovers at a loss, and manufacturers had to find another alternative to help smokers relive the menthol-flavored cigarette experience. As a result, a couple of menthol infusion methods were birthed to cover the rising demand for menthol cigarettes.

Although most take time for the infusion to take effect, smokers still use them. From using crush balls to menthol cards and drops, many are today’s menthol-infusion options. Here are some ways smokers recreate menthol cigarettes in the UK.

1. Applicator Pens

Applicator pens, like Penthol, are the most innovative, convenient, and popular method to create menthol cigarettes in the UK. They are easy to use and provide results instantly. So, dab the cigarette filter to allow the menthol to infuse with the cigarette. Then swipe the solution on the cigarette’s paper sides for a complete menthol infusion. This instant process will enable you to enjoy menthol cigarettes in the UK within seconds.

In addition, the pen is easy to carry as it can comfortably fit your purse or pocket, making it a reliable and convenient option to take out whenever you want to smoke. Furthermore, its ability to make instant menthol cigarettes in the UK makes it quite popular. Also, it has over 100 applications, making it cost-effective and providing users with value for their money.

2. Menthol Cards

Menthol cards are a way of adding your regular pack of cigarettes with a burst of menthol flavor. To create menthol cigarettes in the UK using menthol cards, open the cigarette pack, and place your menthol card inside. Then, close the pack and wait for at least 60 minutes for the menthol infusion. However, you can leave the menthol inside the pack for three hours to achieve maximum flavor intensity. Unfortunately, this method is unreliable since infusing the flavor takes a long time.

3. Menthol Drops

Menthol drops create menthol cigarettes in the UK less often than menthol cards. Add a drop or two at the tip of the cigarette filter and let the solution sit for 10 minutes for complete absorption. This method, however, can be risky because menthol drops can burn your mouth when taken immediately.

4. Menthol Mist

Another way to get menthol cigarettes in the UK is to use menthol mist. To use this spray, take a regular tobacco cigarette and place it on a dry surface horizontally. Open your menthol mist bottle and spray the cigarette evenly on the unfiltered paper section. Let the cigarette sit for a minute to let the flavor seep in. 

Then light the cigarette and check the flavor. If it is not flavorful enough, repeat the process until you achieve your desired flavor.


There are several methods to achieve menthol cigarettes in the UK. However, consider each method’s affordability and convenience before choosing. This way, you enhance your menthol-infused cigarette experience.

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