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Gorgeous Silver Idols and Plates: Making Their Way To Your Priced Collection!

by Yash Ranjan
Silver Idols

Silver is a metal that is extremely popular among people. It is known as the cheaper gold. Silver has many uses. Reflective properties make it ideal for use in coins, jewellery, dinner sets, photo frames, vases, statues or puja items. Let us go over the silver idols and plates and learn what we have to offer you.

Silver Idol

No chapter in your life is complete without God’s blessing. Silver, the second most commonly used precious metal in religious artefacts like silver idols, has long been a staple of religious rituals. It should be quite evident why silver is more common since a gram of silver is much cheaper than a gram of gold.

We at Vaibhav Jewellers have silver idols of multiple divine figures of Hinduism, such as Lakshmi Devi, Narayan and Laxmi sets, Devi Saraswati, and Lord Ram Darbar. The idols can also be based on antique craftsmanship with tons of details. Although computers and technology have supplanted mainly handicrafts, our designers and craftspeople still strive to create pieces that evoke the old world charm.

Silver plate

We offer the perfect baroque silver plates for your next dinner party, whether it’s with friends or family. As a status symbol, they are also a way to display your refined taste. Silver plates not only make your table shine but also give you the health benefits of the metals. With silver plates, you can make your meal more luxurious and lustrous. The art of engraving has a lengthy history.  Today, designers are searching for fresh, handcrafted items in historical patterns, which is why they have designed plates with a surface that evokes an old-world charm. Although the design is a nod to the past, it is also trendy in terms of functionality and elegance. Place them on your dining table or make them a part of your puja room; the designs merge with every mood of yours. You can get a silver plate online with many engraved designs of beautiful flowers. Silver dining sets and seperate silverware including cups, bowls, spoons etc. are also available for purchase at our shop.

As for why to purchase these products from Vaibhav Jewellers, our simple answer is our guarantee for quality. All of our pieces are carefully examined and are B.I.S hallmark certified. On your website, it is possible to verify, compare, and purchase a silver plate online

 from a remote location. We ship packages all over the country as well as around the world.

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