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Jira Project Management Tool vs Asana Project Management – Top Agile Project Managers

by Thomas Browne

The Jira tool is a project management software that can be used for issue tracking and automating workflows. The Jira software has been functioning since 2002 and it has two decades of successful experience in resolving workflow management issues. The Asana software cultivates values to ensure that the overwhelming flow of work is able to synchronize with the team through a robust set of features.  

If you are also looking for helpful options for agile project management, this Jira project management tool vs Asana project management comparison could be useful.  

Jira Project Management  

The Jira project manager is a versatile platform that encompasses features for agile management to suit the flow of your work. It gives you full visibility as well as access to integrations to ensure that you can manage the shifting nature of your work. Let’s take a look at the features: 

1. Visual Management Boards 

There are two important visual tools that are provided by the Jira software. The first is Scrum which is ideal for coping with large assignments. Rather than letting things hang in the air and hoping for volunteers, you can ensure that tasks are assigned to relevant team members on time. You can even turn the assignment into doable tasks.  

The second is Kanban through which you can track almost each and every angle of the project. You can keep up with the updates, task dependencies, task completion, and so on. The Kanban board is mainly preferred by DevOps teams that require agile management throughout the process of product execution.  

2. Roadmaps  

The roadmaps feature is also supported by Jira and it helps you design as well as manage your projects in a way that they align with the goals. It is important that your team is able to access the visibility of projects and see where they stand. Consequently, roadmaps are helpful in bringing cohesion by helping your teams to stay on task. Similarly, the roadmaps feature creates a context for the team to make decisions without delays.  

3. Reports and Insights  

It can be really helpful if you have access to reports and insights for developmental purposes. The Jira project management tool provides advanced reports that are designed to match your projects. You will receive out-of-the-box reports that are based on the data generated from your projects to ensure that you are able to take data-driven steps in the future.  

4. Coding Tools 

There are several functions that support coding. For example, you can view repositories and update the issue key by adding an issue key in a commit, PR, or branch name. Additionally, you can create branches as well as pull requests through the Jira development panel. Finally, you will be able to access DevOps visibility so you can visualize as well as measure the progress of the projects before you go ahead and execute them.  

Jira Pricing  

The Jira pricing is able to facilitate four types of teams. For instance, users who are still looking for an introduction can opt for the free plan that has limited yet useful tools like Scrum boards, Kanban boards, backlogs, agile reporting, and customizable workflows. Meanwhile, the cost of the standard Jira plan is $75 and is charged on a monthly basis. The premium pricing plan costs $145 and the cost of the enterprise pricing plan can be generated by sharing some basic information with the Jira team.  

Asana Project Management  

The Asana software also has numerous tools to bring cohesion to agile teamwork. Creative teams often struggle to keep up with the shifting workflows or lose information in the process. However, the Asana software resolves such conflicts with features like: 

1. Workload  

In order to ensure that work is distributed among your team equally, you need visibility into the workload of your team. The Asana software provides workload management options. First, it can be used to ensure that each team member is working according to their capacity so no one is either underworked or overwhelmed. Similarly, reallocating tasks is equally simple since you can drag and drop tasks within seconds.  

2. Reporting  

The Asana software also provides advanced reports and ensures that you are able to access information in an organized manner. Therefore, it provides top-notch reporting that is not cobbled together, and insights about each aspect are provided comprehensively. Moreover, you can click on any data point and check for further details to see how a project is performing. The Asana software relies on graphs as well as charts so you will have a two-way view of the information.  

3. Workflow Builder 

The automated workflow builder helps you automate tasks so you can focus on the execution. It can be used to execute important tasks like setting dates, and assignees, sending updates, and requesting reports as well. In other words, it simplifies task management and resolves the overall overwhelm. 

4. Forms  

The forms feature streamlines the way that job intake takes place. It is important to keep track of each requested task so you and your team can move in alignment. Asana lets you manage each task and project through customized forms. Not only are requests streamlined but also completely integrated with details. Moreover, you can set rules so that tasks are forwarded to relevant team members so that you do not have to waste time on assigning tasks and making sure they are received. In simple terms, the Asana request forms can be entirely automated.  

Asana Pricing  

The Asana pricing is also quite accommodating for teams of all sizes. The free option has several crucial features so you can create unlimited projects, unlimited tasks, and unlimited activity logs as well. The premium costs around $13, and the business pricing plan charges $30. The cost of the enterprise option is not listed on the website. If you want to apply organization-wide features and gain centralized visibility, you can share some initial details to generate an estimated quote. 

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