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5 Ways to Customize Your Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

by Radhe Gupta
Teeth Grinding

Bruxism can heavily damage your tooth enamel and cause aching of the gums. And therefore, it is necessary to get a custom night guard to protect your teeth effectively. 

Night guards are put on the upper or lower teeth to prevent direct contact with tooth enamel while grinding them at night.

There are various options for night guards available, so you can choose that best plays the protection role and has the best comfort. However, if you are not sure of what type you exactly need, click here to find the best teeth-grinding guards

Options for Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

1. Night guards are customized according to hardness

The hard acrylic night guard is customized to withstand severe teeth grinding. It is made of a relatively rigid material that is difficult to crack. This type of custom night guard for teeth grinding is used by those who severely grind their teeth when asleep and are at a high risk of dental rehabilitation. 

Rigid custom-made night guards’ advantages are durability, teeth shifting prevention, and are adjustable to achieve the best fit. However, there are a few shortcomings of the teeth guards, such as high cost, discomfort while wearing, and being thick.

2. Night Guards Are Customized According To Softness

Some custom night guards for teeth grinding are adjusted to achieve some degree of softness, perhaps to overcome the demerits of hard night guards. Soft night guards are designed for people with less severe or mild teeth grinding. Some benefits of soft guards are; offering the best comfort while you are sleeping and are cheaper when compared to rigid guards. The shortcomings of soft guards are low durability, lack of adjustability, and shorter warranties.

3. Dual Laminate Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Dual laminate night guards mainly consist of two chemical elements; polycarbonate and ethylene-vinyl acetate, which is harder on the outer surface than in the inner layer. The primary purpose of this customization is to obtain the properties of soft and hard nightguards. 

The benefits of these teeth guards are; durability, comfortability, and easily adjustable when acrylic is added. The few shortcomings of dual laminate night guards are high cost and the inability to withstand severe bruxism.

4. The Boil and Bite Custom Night Guards

They are made of flexible plastic material that allows you to mold them on heating, in whatever way you want. The boil and bite custom night guard for teeth grinding is less expensive and is a custom fit. However, these teeth guards are less durable and have no warranty.

5. The Ultra-Thin Custom Teeth Guards

These teeth guards are made of a skinny layer of acrylic to improve their hardness. The guard can allow you to speak and breathe without any struggle and is made for people with less severe bruxism. Ultra-thin teeth guards are also used by people who grind their teeth even during the day.


Custom night guards protect your teeth from damages that might result from bruxism at night. These guards are customized in material, size, and shape to meet users’ demands. And therefore, when making a purchase, it’s necessary to check on the customization that best fits you.

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