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by Radhe Gupta
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The fishing industry is a vast one that includes various types of work such as catching, processing, packaging, and also maintaining the storage and preservation of seafood. These industries also include the activities such as transportation, marketing, and selling of fish and different kinds of seafood. Finally, this industry also includes the delivery of seafood to the customers, which is either for human consumption or as an input item in the required industrial processes. 

Brannon Finney is quite famous in the Alaskan fishing industry as a skilled boat captain who catches and provides top-quality seafood to locals. Commercial fishing is the most lucrative industry in the state as salmon and other delicacies are abundant in the area. However, the fishing industry in Alaska isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, fishermen face a lot of financial pressure and physical stress as the challenges for this line of work include navigating the isolation of the job, high winds, freezing temperatures, frigid waters, and more.

Why is the fishing industry an important one?

For the socio-economic development of any pacific state, the fishing industries are quite essential. It is also said to be a major provider of employment and an economic generator as it has provided many job opportunities to its people. The fishing industries are also the provider of nutritious food to the people, and every family in the state can reap the benefits of it for a healthy life. 

With the growth of the fishing industries in Alaska, professionals like Brannon Finney have thrived. There has been a great improvement in the fishing industry and now it is becoming the fastest growing food processing hub around the globe.

With proper fish harbors and fish landing centers, more nutrient-rich food can be made available, driving success to healthy products on the market. 

Which types of seafood do we get from the fishing industry?

Alaska has an abundance of seafood in its waters, including:

  • Salmon of various species, including the pink salmon, king salmon, and more 
  • Herring 
  • Cod
  • Halibut 
  • Sablefish 
  • Alaska Pollock
  • Rockfish

For the people of Alaska, fishing isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life, and Brannon Finney is no exception.

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