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Got a DUI in Florida? Find out the next steps you should take here.

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Arrest associated with driving while highly intoxicated in Florida can feel overwhelming and constraining, especially if it’s the first time. Additionally, the steps taken after getting a DUI can cause an impact on the penalties given or help an individual build a strong defense for their case.

Moreover, DUI charges are high depending on the nature of penalties, which can result in financial constraints. So what steps should you take once you receive a DUI in Florida?

1. Get Out of Jail

Most times, the police will place you in custody once they arrest you with DUI in Florida. According to the DUI statutes in Florida County, release from jail is only possible if the detained individual is no longer under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In addition, one can only be released after staying in custody for approximately eight hours and having a test result showing a breath or blood alcohol level below 0.05. These tests are done through mug shots and taking fingerprints.

Also, extreme cases will force the individual to spend the night in jail or organize for bail release. Since it’s mandatory to stay in custody for eight hours, the individual must make plans to get out of jail by calling a loved one or arranging for consultations with a lawyer to build up a defense case DWI attorney.

2.  Get to Know About Hearing Dates and Bail Conditions.

For every DUI in Florida given, there are planned hearing dates and bail conditions assigned that an individual should consider. This step is essential in preventing incurring of other penalties. Interested in learn more about bail for murder?

Going against the bail conditions set can lead to a second arrest that could bring more severe penalties to the existing ones. Also, a lack of not attending hearing dates could ruin the person’s reputation, which may result in the loss of the case.

3.   Inquire For a Copy of your DUI in the Florida Report

Before release, it’s crucial to receive a copy of the DUI report to know the charges of the offenses and the details of your arrest. Additionally, a document will help build a strong case during the hearing days.

Also, having the copy allows you to find and contact a professional DUI lawyer to help build the case. In addition, in case the penalties given are not extreme and not relevant to your charges, the copy allows you to request for appeal while in court.

4.   Make Prudent Decisions Before Deciding to Drive Again

Having DUI in Florida allows the individual to be cautious with their driving techniques and be on good behavior to avoid another penalty charge. It serves as a disciplinary commodity in an individual’s life.


In case of receiving a DUI in Florida, contact and seek DUI lawyers for legal help and guidance to help build a good defense for your case. However, in case of an addiction, individuals should seek more medical professional help.

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