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Guidelines to consume cannabis safely as a first-time user

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You may feel overwhelmed when you walk inside a dispensary as a novice cannabis user. With so many alternatives, you will feel they multiply with time. It’s time for you to compare different options available in the market and see the strain that suits your requirement. However, it’s not that easy. When you are just starting the process, it may confuse you. That’s why experts have put together a handy buying guide to assist you in finding what you require. Remember that you have to consume these responsibly and safely. In the guide, experts will cover different types of cannabis strains and help you understand their effects. The more aware you are of the distinct strains, the better will be your choice. 

Are you buying cannabis? Understand the difference between strains

When approaching a dispensary, you’ll see categories designated as Sativa, Indica, or hybrid. The traditional knowledge says that Indica strains are intoxicating and produce high. There are other strains responsible for creating a different effect. The Indica strain causes cerebral, head uplifting, and high. On the other hand, hybrid draws effects from Sativa and Indica. 

You are probably mistaken if you feel these designations are reliable predictors of understanding the effect. Virtually every category is a hybrid. Remember that Indica maybe 10% Sativa and the other way round. They have meager amounts of different marijuana strains that dramatically alter the effect. A reliable predictor is chemical composition. The amount of CBD it has makes the difference. Remember that the CBD and THC percentages differentiate between Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. 

Understand how it smells

Your nose knows it all. One viable way of assessing the strain quality is by giving it a whiff. Similar to smelling a glass full of wine. The fragrance of the strain will assist you in recognizing the category of strain you want to try. It will tell you whether the marijuana is high quality or not? High-quality strains produce a distinct aroma that is intense but pleasant. Poor quality strain smells like mold or ammonia. If the cannabis you have at hand is musty, there are chances that it is not fresh. 

Why buy marijuana from online sources?

Irrespective of the category of the strain you are choosing, you can buy marijuana from online stores to get the desired effect. Remember that online dispensaries are a new option gaining global significance. Additionally, they are convenient and help you save time and money. It’s because they provide strains at a reasonable rate and help you make the comparison. Most cannabis you find in online dispensaries is out of high quality and comes from reputed manufacturers. Remember, THC and CBD dominant cannabis products are available in the market. THC dominant elements are those that create a high feeling. You would want this strain to provide you with multiple benefits.

On the other hand, CBD-dominant strains furnish therapeutic benefits and do not make you feel high. These products help ease stress, calm anxiety, and promote alertness. Along with this, they also provide other benefits for some individuals suffering from inflammatory conditions or epilepsy. 

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