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Use a Bookshelf to Stay Organized

by Yash Ranjan
Bookshelf to Stay

When you think of purchasing additional bedroom storage, the typical pieces of furniture that come to mind are a dresser or wardrobe closet. You may even consider a storage ottoman to spice up the décor. A bookshelf is nowhere on your list, but depending on your situation, it should be. 

It makes a ton of sense to have a bookshelf in the bedroom for avid readers. You need a space to keep your books organized, so they aren’t scattered around the room. It’s a great way to keep the clutter to a minimum so you can remain in a relaxed state of mind. Because it’s a bedroom, you may not have enough space for a large bookshelf, so take measurements and decide what dimensions are best for the space. You can always store other books on shelves in another room and keep the ones you’re actively reading in the bedroom.

You can even use the bookshelf to create a reading nook. If your room has a window recess, placing a bookshelf in the corner next to it will give you a cozy space to stretch out and peruse a few chapters. A corner bookshelf is another way to preserve floor space. Add an accent chair or chaise lounge, lamp, and an area rug, and you’ve created another area for relaxing with a good book.

If you’re not a big reader, you may not be sold on the idea of incorporating bookshelves in to your bedroom design. But, if space and storage are limited, it’s a solution to consider. But what could you possibly place on the shelves? Well, there are several answers to that question, a few of which we’ll discuss. Click here to find a https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/office/bookcases-book-shelves bookshelf for bedroom use. 

Sweater storage is always an issue. They’re bulky and use up a lot of space which makes them a challenge to store in your dresser. You may even consider buying another dresser just for your sweaters, especially if you live in a colder climate and wear them often. However, a bookshelf could be just the answer you were looking for. Keep your sweaters neatly displayed on the shelves, and you’ll easily be able to access the one you want to wear on any particular day. 

Bed linens and comforters are other household items you can store on the bookshelf. They also work great for bathroom towels. 

If limited space isn’t an issue for you, give your bookshelf a theme and decorate it accordingly. For instance, if you love plants, line the shelves with different exotic houseplants. Adding a touch of nature to the bedroom is sure to bring another layer of relaxation to the space. Maybe you have a valuable doll collection that would look great on display or a model car collection. Whatever you enjoy collecting, if the items fit on a bookshelf, use it to show off what you’ve accumulated over the years. A bookshelf will make a huge difference in how you utilize your bedroom. 

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