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Do You Wonder Why You Should Care About Your House’s Siding?

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Siding is more than simply a way to make your home more appealing. Siding protects your house from the outside. It works essentially like insulation, keeping the harmful elements out of your home. Whether it rains, snows, or blows winds on your residence, the siding will stand up for what’s yours. But just as insulation has different properties, so does siding, making it essential to select high-quality products. The wrong choice can damage your home long-term, while the right choice will ensure that they come through with first-class results.

The contribution of siding

Siding does several things for your home, one of which is to protect the entire structure, as mentioned above. As you know, asphalt-based products tend to get easily damaged. Thus, they need further reinforcement. Various types of sidings do this in different ways: vinyl sidings are known to be incredibly durable, while wood sidings are beautiful to look at and make the house come to life right before your eyes. There are many benefits to siding, but finding the best one may take some time, so carefully browse different options. There are also varying price points depending on what kind of siding you choose.

Money-saving investment

While some believe that siding is mostly for aesthetics, you cannot turn your attention away from the additional perks of having it installed on your home. For starters, siding can keep your house comfortable and warmer during the winter season while also keeping it cooler in the summer. Just like you try to stay warm in the winter by wearing long sleeves, a jacket, and a scarf, or by turning up the heat a few degrees around your home, siding helps keep temperature fluctuations steady, not disturbing the soothing environment inside your home. Because the indoor air remains well-maintained mostly, your home appliances will need less use and consume lower energy. It will eventually reflect on your monthly energy bills also.

Types of siding

Of the various materials, vinyl siding tends to be a top choice for homeowners because it increases energy efficiency and protects against power surges, strengthens a home’s structural integrity, and makes drilling unnecessary. Vinyl, made of PVC resins and acrylics, doesn’t just make your home look good but also supports superior air circulation to ensure that your home stays pest-free. Additionally, you can buy vinyl siding in various textures and shades, ranging from muted taupe to striking plum. If you’re looking for a remodeling project with extra perks like insulation or added strength and style, vinyl siding might be the right choice. 

You can approach someone like Lifetime Exteriors offering siding services in Vancouver for options and installation. They can introduce you to different materials based on your budget, needs, and aesthetic expectations. Here is a quick look at other choices:

Hardie board siding

The Hardie board siding contains cement and fiberglass. Hence, it’s highly durable. These panels can match your home while adding strength and withstanding all sorts of outdoor elements. With this type of exterior siding, you can expect consistency and an extended warranty from the company. However, this can be slightly more expensive than vinyl.

Natural wood siding

The leading siding materials in the US are wood, vinyl, and fiber cement. Wood siding has always been the gold standard for home exteriors. It boasts a plethora of perks and benefits, from aesthetic appeal to maintenance and versatility. The natural looks of wood siding remain unmatched even by many manufactured products. You don’t have to live with a bland wall or invest in expensive faux-wood panels or tiles. 

With wood siding, you get the flexibility to paint your house in shades of your choosing over time and maintain its natural look — for instance, via staining or re-staining — which will only add value to your house over time. While there are no apparent drawbacks to natural wood siding apart from its high-cost upfront investment (which is still lower than installing PVC siding), wood demands care, considering it is organic. For instance, it needs regular attention while dealing with water leakages due to rain. Nevertheless, invest in suitable wood material, such as cedar. It is an enduring material.

Siding is a common home improvement that involves covering the main panels of your house. If someone notices any discoloration around your home, it could indicate that you have a water leak and require fixing it as soon as possible. Poorly installed siding is one of the most common causes of water damage, often caused by moisture seeping through small cracks or gaps between the panels. When this happens, you’re stuck trying to find someone to fix the problem because if left unattended for too long, the moisture can enter your walls’ layers and cause far more severe issues than just cosmetic damage to your home’s finishes. So, please don’t take any chance with it.

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