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How to Increase Your Spotify Popularity

by Yash Ranjan
Spotify Popularity

If you want to be a music sensation then it is obvious that you want to be on top of Spotify. There are high-end strategies that you need to follow so that you get more people on Spotify. There is a right way to get more users on Spotify, but most people are doing it wrong. If you want to know how to get more followers on Spotify, then continue reading this article. Get to know the Spotify strategies that will get you more followers and make you the next singer and get you to the heights that you have always wanted.

1.  Social Media Promotion

Integrate the social media platforms with other social media platforms so that the power can be leveraged. Understand the fact that your followers are not only on Spotify but on other platforms as well. Look for the fans on other platforms and engage them as much as possible so that you get the plays on a massive scale. It includes an Instagram bio, YouTube videos and the list goes on. Harness the power of social media and direct the users to your Spotify profile, and you will feel the difference in this regard.

2.  Use Updated Profile

Use your Spotify for artists’ profiles from this very moment if you did not know about it. Make use of all the features to get your artistic side to the next level. Some of the most important features that are packed with this profile are as follows:

  • High-Quality Band Photos
  • Your Biography
  • Artist Pick on the First Page
  • Your Playlist
  • Links to your Social Media Profiles

Give importance to Spotify if you are serious about getting followers. Your profile must look as professional as it can be so that people get to know that you are serious about your profile. Not just use the updated profile, but keep updating your profile. Use the right keywords to get your profile the exposure you have always wanted.

3.  Be Very Consistent

Consistency shows that you have not forgotten your followers and have not left them deserted. You must release the music consistently. More music means that you get your followers to consume more content and in return, Spotify will reward you to the fullest. Spotify is tracking your profile and this makes up the algorithm. Consistency is your biggest success, and therefore it is highly recommended on this platform. And obviously, make sure that the music created is worth listening to over and over again.

4.  Make Your Family and Friends Spotify Users

More users must follow you so that your profile gets into the top ranks. Though it is not one of the sophisticated strategies, still make sure that you tell your friends to become Spotify users. This is a natural way to promote your profile and get more plays. Your friends will be the most loyal fan base that will increase your play numbers. It is as simple as asking for a small favor about any other thing.

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