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How Do Diabetic People Get Benefits from Vascular Therapy?

by Cameron James Connor
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Vascular disease is a major cause of diabetic complications and death. If you have diabetes, your blood vessels are likely damaged from the high levels of chronic inflammation caused by insulin resistance. This damage makes it more difficult for your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your organs. It can also lead to organ damage, such as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. One way to address this problem is with vascular treatment. Vascular therapy is any medical procedure that targets or clears blockages in blood vessels to improve blood flow through them. 

Benefits of Vascular Therapy

  • Vascular therapy can be an effective treatment for diabetic complications and may even reduce the need for other treatments, such as bypass surgery or transplantation. Some of the most common benefits of vascular therapy include: click here if you have a poor blood circulation.
  • Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. A reduction in blood flow through damaged blood vessels is one of the primary causes of heart attack and stroke. Vascular therapy can decrease the likelihood of either of these events by improving blood flow in the heart and brain arteries. 
  • It improved kidney function. Vascular damage to the kidneys can often be reversed with proper vascular therapy. This can improve your kidney function and decrease the risk of kidney damage or failure. 
  • Reduced need for dialysis. Dialysis is a treatment that uses artificial blood to clean the blood of waste products and toxins. Since vascular damage can increase the risk of kidney damage and failure, vascular therapy can reduce the need for dialysis by improving blood flow through the kidneys.
  • Better skin health. Vascular damage can often be reversed with proper vascular therapy. This can improve your skin health and decrease your risk of skin damage or sunburn.

What Are the Best Vascular Therapies for Diabetes?

  • Numerous therapies can address vascular damage and restore blood flow. The two most common are endovascular therapies and percutaneous therapies. 
  • Endovascular therapies are done with catheters threaded into the blood vessel. Using this method, plates can be cleared of blockages and dilated with the help of a special balloon. The procedure is generally painless and can improve blood flow quickly. 
  • Percutaneous therapies are done with small catheters pushed through small blood vessels. They include angioplasty, or balloon angioplasty, which uses a balloon to widen the blood vessels, and stent placement. It uses a small guide wire to hold a metal stent in place and often allows additional blood flow.


Vascular therapy is a safe, effective way to restore blood flow in damaged blood vessels. If you have diabetes and vascular damage, it can improve your kidney function, reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke, and help your skin stay healthy and free from wear. However, it isn’t a long-term solution and will likely have to be repeated after several months. Vascular therapy is an excellent option for improving your health when used with other treatments such as insulin and lifestyle changes.

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