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Find Out Whether Your Local Dentist Can Make Invisalign Aligners and More

by Cameron James Connor
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Patients require orthodontic treatment to correct the problem of crooked teeth. If you desire to straighten your smile without wearing braces, one option is an Invisalign brace – a clear plastic aligner that can straighten your teeth gradually (if worn part-time) or quickly (if worn full time). But you may wonder whether you should go to a general dentist or an orthodontist for this. So, here is the thing. As long as you get an experienced dental practitioner specializing in this treatment, you don’t need to look anywhere else. With specialized skills, knowledge, and expertise, they can straighten your smile hassle-free. 

Are you a resident of Melville? You have to search for a qualified Invisalign provider near me in Melville, NY, on Google, and there will be plenty of results. Make sure you select the one based on their reputation, certification, range of dental services, etc. The more comprehensive their approach is, the better it is. You wouldn’t have to look for a new one to address your dental or oral concerns. Anyway, when it comes to Invisalign, you need to be more careful about your choice. After all, this orthodontic procedure consists of a set of steps. Here is a quick peek into them to help you understand the need to find a local dental practitioner for this specific requirement.

Why do you need a local dentist for Invisalign?

Examining your dental health to determine the treatment’s suitability 

Invisalign smile correction solves orthodontic problems, regardless of the type of bite. These can include underbites, crossbites, overbites, etc. You can depend on this advanced method if you face any of these or other dental alignment issues. Still, dentists would want to examine your mouth to understand its utility for your case. If you don’t know, someone with wide gaps between teeth or overly angular teeth may have to wear traditional metal braces. However, you should not worry about this and let your dentist assess your teeth. If they feel Invisalign braces will work, you can talk to them about the procedure, budget, insurance plan, and payment options.

Offering a customized solution

The next step to invisible aligner treatment includes creating a plan. The aligner trays must fit your mouth well. The dentist will take a digital image of your teeth and gums. Some can also take a traditional approach of using impression material to help the lab people create aligners for your size. The ones using digital scans tend to offer faster results. They capture a virtual model of your teeth and gums for precision. It can be convenient for you too. Paying attention to these things becomes easy when working with a local dental clinic. Else, you will have no other option but to manage with whoever you find. 

Generally, dentists order several pairs based on the patient’s dental health because you have to switch them out from time to time to avoid any discomfort and for optimum benefit. Once they get exhausted, you will meet your dentist again for a follow-up. During this visit, they will check the improvement and decide the next course of action accordingly.

Installing the first tray to ensure fitting and comfort

You may have to wait for a few days for the customized aligner trays to arrive. After informing you, your dentist will fix an appointment as soon as they come. Although these trays are easy on teeth and gums, they may install the first time and show you how to wear them. These trays tend to be BPA-free plastic material. Because these are removable, you can keep them aside when having your meals. Also, make sure you keep them on for a particular time as advised by your doctor to see the best result. 

When placing aligners on your teeth, the dentists may have to make minor modifications, so it is another aspect that proves that visiting a nearby clinic for this treatment is much more comfortable. You can be more patient with the process, even if it doesn’t take additional time.

Adjusting the aligners as the treatment progresses

After you start wearing Invisalign, your teeth will move from their place as intended within a few weeks of use. As a result, the dentist would have to adjust the new trays to fit the newly aligned teeth until you attain the desired outcome. If you feel worried about this process, you don’t need to because this is pretty simple. The dentist will give you new pairs. You don’t have to go through the actual pain of metal braces, where the specialist has to adjust wires and brackets. 

Moving from aligners to retainers

As soon as your teeth align, your therapy will be complete. The dentist might do the necessary last few things and recommend you stop wearing those trays anymore. In some cases, patients need aftercare, which is not too common. It is relevant for patients where teeth again start getting misaligned. For this problem, they usually offer transparent retainers that resemble aligners. Your dentist may ask you to keep those retainers on throughout the day for a couple of weeks or during sleeping hours at night.

How often do you need to visit your dentist during teeth alignment treatment? 

Although it varies from case to case, everyone has to go through the first consultation stage and next to pick up their aligners. So, you can imagine at least two appointments to be there. Some dentists like to monitor the treatment’s outcome from close, and hence, they may ask you to visit at a certain specific interval. Not every dentist may recommend this. However, if your dentist suggests this, you must follow their instructions. It is good for you and your dental health only. 

As per some experts, adults typically have to see their doctor about once in six weeks. They examine aligners and how the work is going. During these visits, they can also give new aligners, as mentioned above, depending on the alignment. 

Considering all the aspects of this treatment, it makes sense to seek your local dentist’s help. Choose someone with the proper license and certification. Also, any clinic that offers an extensive range of dental services can be the best fit.

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