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Common Types Of Injury Which Can Result from A Car Accident

by Cameron James Connor
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Even when driving safely, the most trained drivers can fall prey to a car accident. Today we are going to take a look at the different types of injuries resulting from a car accident so that you can seek proper medical help at the earliest:

·       Whiplash is the most common type of car accident injury. It is a sudden violent movement of the neck and head leading to soft tissue and muscle injuries. Signs of whiplash might not appear immediately and can take several months or weeks to subside. Some symptoms of whiplash are dizziness, neck pain, and limited range of motion. Memory loss, concentration problems, numbness or tingling in the arms and legs, sleeping issues, and bad headaches are some long-term effects of whiplash. It is advisable to get medical help immediately following a car accident as a doctor can examine your injuries and help you heal faster.

·       Chances of head and brain injuries are maximum in a car accident given the large number of objects placed near your head. You might have either immediate or long-term implications from these injuries. They initially appear as facial deformation or open wounds if your head hits something apart from the airbag. A sudden break can jar your brain and cause internal brain injuries like hemorrhaging or brain bruising leading to memory problems, difficulty in understanding complex ideas, and reduced brain function. A doctor can look for signs of brain injuries even when they are not visible apparently to prevent more long-term damage.

·       Sudden trauma can result in broken bones and this is more prevalent among the elderly and children. While you can reduce the chances by wearing a seatbelt, broken bones might happen if the car accident impact is strong enough. If an accident causes the front of the car to fold up, then your legs and hips are most vulnerable to injuries. The driver might try to protect his/her face or brace for impact thus putting their arms at risk. At times, your ribs might crack due to the restraining force of the airbag or seatbelt.

·       If the soft parts of your spine break or move out of place due to a sudden shift, it can cause herniated discs. On getting out of place, the discs might poke your spinal nerves causing tremendous pain. Herniated discs can cause life-long damage if not treated at the right time.

·       Loose objects in the car can turn into a high-speed projectile resulting in cuts or scrapes. Even simple objects like a coffee cup or phone can hit you in the head during an accident. While these cuts are usually not very serious, some might require first aid to prevent further blood loss. You should seek immediate medical assistance to clean the cut and stop the infection from spreading. Often getting stitches can add inertia to your recovery process. Find CPR training near me if you want to learn first aid skills to knwo how to respond to emergency situations.

·       Internal bleeding is one of the riskiest injuries caused by a car accident. It mostly goes undetected unless you have a penetrating injury. Some signs of internal bleeding are dizziness, abdominal swelling, bruising and fainting.


Once you have sought out the necessary medical help, you can seek the guidance of a Personal injury attorney who will help you navigate the complex legal process and maximize your claim. 

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