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6 Smart And Effective Tips To Calm An Anxious Dog

by Ethan more
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Pet parenting is not as easy as it seems, especially if your fur buddy gets anxious about the slightest changes around his environment. Yes, dogs have anxious thoughts and can experience various forms of anxiety disorders. 

Common forms of anxiety common among canines are separation anxiety and generalized anxiety. Does your dog get nervous and hyper with loud sounds like the thunder or firecrackers exploding in the distance? Then you may need to take care of his anxiety and train him to stay calm and composed in such situations. It’s crucial because anxious dogs may start developing destructive and hyperactive habits. 

Behavioral issues are common among dogs, especially when they are young. However, you can make your fur buddy stay relaxed and calm without anxious thoughts using the correct practices and training. Here are six such tips mentioned for you.

1. CBD Oil

Yes, you read it right. CBD (Cannabidiol), one of the compounds present in hemp plants, may help you calm your anxious dog. Several brands are offering CBD products for pets that may help their overall well-being. You may be aware of the benefits of CBD by now. Isn’t it amazing that your fur buddy can also get the same benefits through CBD products? The potent calming properties of CBD may help calm your dog’s mind and keep him in a pleasant state of mind. Always look for the best CBD oil for Dogs and start with small doses initially to examine how your dog reacts to CBD. Gradually increase the dosage until you find the ideal amount that suits your dog.

2. Physical Contact

Your dog might start howling or barking when it feels anxious or fears something. That’s because canines usually have two reactions to fear – fight or flight. So the best way to make your fur buddy calm is by making him feel safe and loved. Physical contact from a trustworthy human can affect dogs positively. Soft brushing, snuggles, and relaxing dog massages can be a great way to incorporate physical touch and calm your anxious dog. Next time there is thunder, grab your pup and snuggle him; chances are he’s just going to relax and stay calm without being aggressive.

3. Exercising

Exercises work best for both humans and canines. Hence, one of the best ways to calm your anxious and aggressive dog is by creating a regimen for exercise. Exercise can be a great stress reliever. Take your friend to the dog park, go for long walks, or play fetch more often in the comfort of your backyard. These little things allow you to spend more time with your dog and may help him with separation anxiety. You can also make dog yoga a part of your dog’s training and exercise routine.

4. Offering Treats

Giving your dog treats can also help reduce anxiety. However, the trick is to use soft lickable treats instead of chewy and chasing treats. The primary reason behind that is the crunching, tracking, and chewing of treats can get your dog excited and increase hyperactive behavior when already anxious. You can also follow this technique for calming your dog. Walk up to your dog when it is calm, offer a treat and then move away. If your dog finishes the treat and comes to you again, don’t acknowledge or praise. If you do so, your genius fur buddy will try to figure out what he has done right so he can repeat the behavior later to get treats.

5. Distractions

Anxious and nervous dogs often seem disinterested in any task or activity. The primary focus is on the fear-inducing factor, fireworks, for instance. You can once again use treats as a distraction in such situations. Grab a few treats and play ‘find it’ by throwing them on the floor or the grass. However, your fur buddy may require some encouragement in finding the treats. The best way is to point towards the treats subtly, engaging your dog to sniff and find his treats. The activity can be one of the best ways to distract your dog from what’s bothering or making him anxious.

6. Use Interactive Toys

Toys also act as great tools when your dog is anxious and stressed out. Interactive toys such as the puzzle treat toys release treats when your dog solves a puzzle, making them ideal for this scenario. Not only do these toys keep your dog busy for hours and distract them from unpleasant perceived threats, but they help your dog develop positive behavioral traits in the long term. Find some of the best puzzle toys for dogs online and keep your fur buddy busy when stressed. You can also allow your dog to play with chew toys that offer sounds, lights, and sensory textures.

Final Thoughts

These were some practical tips to calm your anxious dog. Anxiety and stress can cause hyperactive and destructive behavior in your fur buddy. Hence, it’s essential to help him stay calm and composed. Regular training, combined with the tips mentioned above, can be the best way to do so. However, if you wish to rely on any medication, it’s better to consult the veterinarian about the same.

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