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Slacker’s Guide to Online Slots

by Yash Ranjan

Over the years, slot machines have become among the most common games to be played since they are simple to learn, thrilling to play, and provide substantial payouts to winners. Do you want to play online slots but are not sure where to begin? Not to worry! This article will teach you all you need to know regarding online slots. 

Do you want to understand the fundamentals of online slots? Below are the most important terms you should know about online slots before playing.


Slot machines are made up of a series of reels. These reels are numbers or symbols that get randomly and simultaneously picked out. Every machine is composed of an odd number of reels, i.e., either three, five, or seven. In certain cases, a machine can even have nine reels. Upon spinning, if all the numbers or symbols come out the same or they land on a winning combination, then the spinner wins a sum of money. 


A payline on a slot machine is a winning combination that shows up on the screen in the manner of a line or a row consisting of different reels. Paylines can have several symbols in a row or oftentimes, they can also have different patterns.

Slot machines can contain anywhere from a single payline to over 50 paylines. If the alignment of the symbols on the payline turns out to be the same as the on-screen one, the user wins an amount of money offered with that particular playline. 


Symbols are basically numbers or icons that appear on the reels. They are usually dictated by the theme of the game. For instance, if the slot game’s theme is associated with a sci-fi movie about time travel, one of the symbols can be a clock. The symbols will have figures and other pictures from that film.

On the other hand, if the slot machine you are playing on has a sport-related theme, it will include visuals linked with the concept of that activity. For instance, at Zodiac Casino, you will find symbols related to the popular TV series Game of Thrones. 


In simple words, a jackpot is the highest winning combination on a slot machine. It is a combination of symbols on reels that give out all the money on the slot machine. To be eligible for the highest payment on an online slot, you must place the maximum stake.

The amount of money a player may earn on a single strike is a major consideration for many gamblers. Plus, the grandeur of the coveted jackpot might undoubtedly entice a slot enthusiast. The larger the jackpot, the less frequently a machine gives it out and the more costly the bet will be.

Top 5 Online Slots Strategies

Online slot gaming is difficult even though sites like Zodiac Casino can help you every step of the way to understand it better, which is why it never hurts to gain some extra knowledge. Although you can never truly crack the code to winning these games because they entirely run on luck, you can follow a few tips to get one step closer to winning. 

Choose the slot wisely

It is important to know that all slot machines are different, that is, they all have different themes, soundtracks, symbols, or other features. Likewise, different online slots have varying Return to Player (RTP) rates. Hence, always try to go for machines that have higher RTP rates so that you get a fair chance at winning. 

Play free games

If you are just starting out and getting to know the basics of online slots, it’s best to start with free games. They are great for practice and are usually a lot of fun without requiring you to pay any money. This helps you to learn the game’s hidden peculiarities. Playing a slot with extra rounds is an excellent method to polish your abilities.

Examine the pay table

Each slot machine has its distinct pay table. It indicates what the winning combinations are, how much each symbol is valued, and which combinations are the most profitable. So, try to study them. 

Maintain your spending plan

One of the most crucial pieces of suggestion we can give is to stick to a budget when you start. Do not keep spinning the reels unless you have chosen how much you are willing to pay. Never wager money that you cannot afford.

Attempt to win lower jackpots

Go for smaller jackpot games since they usually pay more. We know that massive jackpots are tempting, but your odds of winning one are not very good!

Final Thoughts

Playing online slots is plenty of fun when you have figured out the basics. We hope we helped you understand the concept better with this article.

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