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A Guide to Angel Numbers and What They Mean

by Radhe Gupta
Angel Numbers

Have you ever glanced at your smartphone only to find that it exactly 11:11? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your most-loved song is minutes and twenty-two seconds in length and you then purchased a coffee for $2.22? 

They are known by the term angel numbers and within the realm of metaphysics in which people like myself perform there are no random coincidences (in the fact that I invented the acronym for this term -TANC — in the year 2019, and it’s now become a bit of an idiom within my field of work). Angel numbers are a perfect illustration of this TANC phenomenon. There are Angel numbers in numerous posts across Instagram, Witchtok (and Astrologytok and Manifestationtok to name a few). What do they mean? What can they tell us? What can we do to work with them? Let’s take a look!

What are angel numbers?

Within the field of numerology angel numbers are numbers that are sequences (usually 3 or 4 numbers) which contain repeating numbers (such as 111 and 4444) or designs (such like 321 or 8787). Though they might be seen in the most mundane of places, the numbers generally draw our attention andeven for an instant — create feelings of excitement. The reason we are enthralled by these numbers, however, is a result of their significance: 

It’s thought that the numbers represent messages from the spirit world that provide wisdom, insight and direction. If you attribute them to guides, angels spirits, ancestors, angels, or simply to a higher state of consciousness within you angel numbers can help you know that you’re on the right track or provide valuable insight into difficult situations or reveal the mystical, powerful meaning that is behind the recurring themes you encounter all through your day.

What is it that makes angel numbers unique?

The main reason in which angel number differs from the other techniques is that they don’t have any connection to your birth date. 

Contrary to Zodiac Signs, astrology birth charts or in calculating your life’s numbers according to numerology Angel Numbers aren’t determined by the date, time or place of birth. Although the zodiac signs’ personal characteristics provide insight into your preferences, likes as well as your preferences, tastes, and tastes however, angel numbers do not reveal your personal identity and the manner you’re navigating the world.

What does the angel number have to do with it?

One of my favorite features associated with angel number is the fact that their meanings are individual. For instance someone might see “333” as a sign that they’re on the right path while another person might interpret “333” as a validation of their intuition. You can also find out hours related information.

When you see something that seems like an angel, my advice is to put your foot down, grab a pen and paper (or the notes app that you have on your smartphone) and write down any thoughts, thoughts or ideas occur to you. This way, you will be able to establish a special connection with the angel number, and if it appears later on, you’ve already established what the sequence means to you in your daily life.

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