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Sangria Systembolaget To Help You Buy Best Sangrias

by Thomas Browne
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Systembolaget is a portal comprising of many retail stores located across varied geography of Sweden which allows Swedish wine producers, manufacturers, breweries, importers, and multinational companies to sell their liquor products through and on its platforms. This system is run by the Royal Government of Sweden. This is a licensed chain of retail stores that have the permission to sell liquor products and alcoholic beverages which have alcoholic content greater than 3.5% in Sweden.

What is Sangria?

Sangria is an alcoholic beverage that has its origins in the Iberian Peninsula, that is, the countries of Spain and Portugal. The European Union (EU) has mandated only these two countries to label their product as “Sangria”. Other nations which have similar products have to sell their products under different names. So, Sangria manufactured in France, for example, would be labeled as French Sangria to differentiate it from ‘Sangria’. Sangria is essentially red wine that is mixed with different kinds of spirits and fruits such as apples, peaches, berries, pears, lemon, etc.  This adds a fruity flavor to the red wine and helps to release its alcoholic content. Sangria is popular in bars and restaurants in Spain and Portugal. Tourists love it. They travel far and wide to these Iberian countries to taste the original Sangria. 

How can you get to taste Sangria in Sweden?

The legal and easiest way to procure a bottle of Sangria is from Systembolaget in Sweden which has shelves with the label Sangria Systembolaget. The government-owned enterprise, supply for the demand of Swedish Sangria lovers. One can purchase from it at any time of the year he or she wants to. The people who are above the legal age, only, are allowed to buy alcoholic drinks. Persons who are under the legal age or a person who is already drunk are not allowed to buy any alcoholic drink from Systembolaget. Also, those persons which are under the age of 25 years have to show their identity documents as mandated by both the Royal Government of Sweden and the European Union (EU).

Sangria of Mallorca

Sangria Rita is the famous and flagship Sangria that comes from the island region of Mallorca. It is known for its refreshingly cool properties which makes the European summers delightful. The most incredible factor which makes Sangria Rita a must-have, if you visit the island of Mallorca, is its versatility. It can blend very easily with all the ingredients that are mixed with it. You can put anything in it ranging from fruits, spirits, or some other exotic ingredient. It will transform into something new but still manage to maintain its fineness and original essence. This is a unique property of Sangria Rita. 

Sangrias from designations of origin

Designation of Origin (Denominación de Origen) is a project of the European Union to provide consumers correct knowledge about the products which have their origins in the countries that constitute the European Union (EU). It gives information about the history, manufacturing process as well as information about the manufacturer to the consumers. This is intended to bring the manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers near to each other. This also acts as the guide for the quality of the product and means to promote a product. Consumers with guarantees and assurance can buy the product and consume it. In this policy, a specific region of the European country which is famous for a product is designated as the destination of origin. For the same reason, the region of Balearic Island of Mallorca has two regions which are designated as DO (Denominación de Origen) for wines, that is, DO Plà i Llevant and DO Binissalem. From here, the best wines crafted by the best winemakers of Mallorca are exported all over the world. There are many importers of wine in Sweden who have the license and permission to sell this alcoholic beverage in Sweden. You can order a sangria from Sangria Systembolaget, if you are living in Sweden. 

How to choose the best wine importer?

Wine is a passionate topic for many. There are people in this world who can talk endlessly on the topic of wines for hours together. They know about wine more than anyone else. They know the best about different wines and their unique properties. But how do you choose the best wine importer which is knowledgeable as well give you the best service? The Systembolaget has the names of the companies which import wine in Sweden. Visit their websites. Check out their service options. If you are looking for sangria, then look into the database of Sangria Systembolaget to learn more about the importers which import sangrias. Ask them if they can import sangrias, specifically made and manufactured in Mallorca Island region of Spain for you.  

Best wine manufacturers of Mallorca all at one place

The wine importer which has traveled far and wide in search of great wines, only, can tell which are the best manufacturers of wine. Systembolaget of Sweden assesses all the manufacturers of wine before giving them as well as the wine importer permission to sell wines through its portal. There are a few wine importers in the country of Sweden who has traveled to Mallorca in search of great wines and sangrias. They have been very impressed by the superior craftsmanship of these manufacturers and their passion for making wines. From these manufacturers, they have chosen a few of them which has taken the wine-making process to another level. They not only produce wines but this is their way to show their love and respect for wine. The wine manufacturers who have been contacted to produce wine specifically for import to Sweden are also chosen for their location on the island of Mallorca. Some wine manufacturers are located near the hillside while others are located near the sea. Local climate and local geographical changes also affect the quality of grapes and hence directly affect the taste of wine. Hence, this is a task of some effort to bring all the best wine producers of Mallorca at one place serving various culinary needs of the Swedes and must be appreciated.

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