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Love 101: Simple Ways To Make Your Significant Other Feel Special

by Radhe Gupta
Feel Special

When your special someone feels happy, you feel so glad, too, right? When you’re in a relationship, it’s good to feel special and wanted. A fantastic approach to show your partner how much you care is to come up with unique and inventive methods to make them feel special. It does not matter whether it’s grand or small; it’s always the thought that counts. 

Here’s a list of what you can do to make your SO feel loved and appreciated. There are a lot of choices available, whether you’re just trying to make them happy or if you’re trying to make up for something you did. You may be trying to fix a relationship that isn’t working out so well. You can also. You can make your partner feel special without a specific reason–just because.

Try the following ways to leave a beautiful smile on their faces.

Support them always

At some point during every relationship, you will disagree with each other about what to do. However, even though you may have a different opinion on the subject at hand, still back them up. It doesn’t matter if they start a new job, change their studies, or live in a tiny house on the beach. You should help them.

When you show your partner support, even when you think they’re making the wrong choice, you show them how important they are to you. When you show up even though you don’t agree with something, it shows how important the relationship is to you and makes them feel even more important.

Compliment them

Giving your loved ones sincere compliments is a terrific way to make them feel special, but be careful not to go overboard. Getting complimented on your appearance is always a pleasure, even if it doesn’t happen daily. Give them that warm fuzzy feeling you receive when someone takes the time to notice and appreciates what you’ve done. Try to make them feel appreciated. However, if someone compliments you too often, you may begin to doubt whether or not they truly mean it.

While it isn’t what we should be focusing on, people adore it when we compliment them on their beauty. It’s a good idea to compliment them if they’re wearing a new sweater or scarf. For example, they take hours and effort to fix and prepare themselves when you go out, make sure to tell them, “Your hair looks good,” or “Your suit looks nice on you.” It may be brief, but it will surely make their day.

Don’t just say something for the sake of saying something; they will feel if you’re insincere. Do not let them suspect that you are being dishonest.

Write them a little note

If you want your partner to know that you care about them, these short notes are a great way to express that you don’t demand much attention. Your message does not need to include lengthy paragraphs about why you love them and why you’re grateful for them. Little notes are meaningful despite it having only phrases.

A simple “Good luck today,” “Bring out your confidence today!”, or “Your outfit looks good.” will make your SO’s day. Grandiose confessions of love and lavish displays of affection aren’t necessary for every relationship. Even in the simplest parts of everyday life, you may show admiration for them. Often, these tiniest actions can be the most heartwarming ones.

Just because gifts

In a relationship, it’s important to express gratitude through gifts. Your lover needs to know how much you care about them. As easy as releasing a paper lantern on the anniversary of your first date or paying for lunch at their favorite restaurant, you can let your loved one know. Moreover, you can also surprise your SO with just-because gifts since you don’t always have to wait for occasions to give them gifts.

Last-minute gifts are the best gifts to receive. Because they’re the one you don’t have any idea about, the one you are least expecting. Here are some last-minute gifts you can surprise your SO with:

  • Flowers
  • Necklace
  • Watch
  • Scented candles
  • Suit (for boyfriends)
  • Dresses (for girlfriends)
  • Matching tees
  • Food delivery
  • Make-up
  • Skincare kit

Spend quality time together

Make time for each other every week, whether you go out on a date or stay in and watch a movie together. It’s important to relax and focus solely on each other when spending time together. Don’t check your phone or e-mail while viewing a movie, advises Safran. You should make this a regular occurrence and demonstrate your want to be in their company.

When it comes to date nowadays, food and a movie is usually the norm. You can demonstrate to your partner that you value your time together by organizing a date night that is out of the ordinary and allows the two of you to have a wonderful time.

Call them always

Calling them every time you both have free time means that you are interested and care for them. You can call them during lunchtime or before going to sleep to say good night. You can talk about things that happened during the day. In addition, calling them also means that you will set aside time to talk and ask how their day went.

In addition, you can spice the call up by prank-calling them! You can create a script for your prank like you’re calling for something urgent (please do not joke about emergencies), or you can change your voice to make them believe you’re a different person. Make sure to practice your lines so you won’t get caught! If you think these are too much work, you can download a prank call app, and it will help you pull off your prank smoothly.

Listen to them genuinely and attentively.

In any relationship, communication is essential. You can show your significant other that you actually care about their life and what happens in it by sharing minor information about things that you probably don’t care much about. What their friends say and do daily may not be conversation starters, but it will show them how important they are to you.

You can show affection for someone by letting go of your gadgets and engaging in an activity together. Watch their favorite movie and see why they think it’s the greatest ever made. When she’s reading, snuggle up with them on the couch.

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