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Does Consuming HHC Help To Improve Our Sleep Schedule?

by Yash Ranjan
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A compound derived from the hemp plant, HHC, has many medical benefits on the plate for you. The hemp plant is a hub of several substances that possess many psychoactive effects on the user. 

HHC is short for hexa-hydrocannabinol, and the compound is the hydrogenated form of THC. 

It has been gaining popularity recently due to its distinct effects. Most effects of the compound are similar to that of THC. 

So, does HHC help improve sleep schedules? If yes, how?. Jump into this article, and we have got you covered. 

Importance of having a good sleep schedule 

People with sleep disorders have trouble falling asleep. It can show in many ways. Reports say that over fifty percent of the adult population experience seasonal bouts of insomnia. The causes are many, and heeding to these can be the best possible way to get rid of sleep disorders. 

What are the possible factors that can trigger sleep disorders? 

–> Anxiety, stress, and depression 

–> Improper food and lifestyle habits 

–> External factors like jet lag and noisy ambiance

–> Medications that interfere with bodily functions 

Other uncommon factors that can trigger sleeplessness include narcolepsy and anxiety disorders. Pregnancy and sleep apnea can also be causes of disruptions in sleep cycles. 

Why do you need to have a regulated sleep schedule? 

Sleep is essential for everyone. It is a time for our body to repair itself. Getting ample sleep at night can help prevent heart diseases and lose excess weight.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, people with sleep cycle problems tend to risk developing disorders. 

People who have a better sleep at night are more active and alert. Sleep is essential for regulating hormones, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. 

How does HHC help promote better sleep? 

It works similarly to THC in fixing the triggers that might disrupt sleep cycles. 

  • HHC relieves pain and inflammation  

Pain affects both the quantity and quality of sleep. People with chronic pain have reduced sleep duration. Reports say that people with pain have higher chances of experiencing sleeplessness. 

It works the other way as well. Poor sleep can put pressure on nerves and muscles. 

It can cause neuropathic and soft muscle pain. 

HHC works for pain and inflammation the same way THC does. The active molecules of it  interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body and reduce pain perception. 

This way, consuming HHC reduces the pain that can otherwise cause disruptions in the sleep cycle. 

  • HHC relieves mental stress 

Mental illness is often the most common cause of sleeplessness at night. People, irrespective of their age, suffer from mental health disorders.

As we know, it works wonders in improving mood and relaxing the user’s mind. It works by reducing connections in the brain and altering signals. 

People who consume moderate yet regulated dosages report improved mood and cognitive functioning. 

  • HHC can improve the quality of sleep 

In addition to the muscle-relaxant properties, HHC has sedative properties. Prescription medicines that promote sleep come with several many ill effects. It helps promote sleep without any ill effects. 

HHC interacts selectively and makes the user feel drowsy. Also, the endocannabinoid system impacts several other bodily functions. One of them is the management of hormones. Melatonin is a hormone responsible for mediating the circadian rhythm of the body.

By regulating melatonin levels, HHC helps in maintaining the biological clock. 

Not just that, HHC is a powerful muscle relaxant. It relieves the tension of muscles and helps the person fall asleep. Often, workload and associated stress can reduce the duration of sleep.

How to use HHC to better your sleep schedule? 

Just like the other cannabis compounds, it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors and produces psychoactive effects on the user. 

HHC gets the user high is similar to how THC does it. The effects can either be relaxing or sedative based on the dosage. At lower doses, HHC acts as a stimulant and improves energy. When taken in higher amounts, it can have sedative effects on the user. 

However, HHC takes much longer to produce effects on the same level as THC. It makes it an ideal sedative as the compound works for the entire body rather than just on specific signals. 

A 2008 study found that ingesting cannabis products can reduce the duration of REM sleep. It can help you feel more energetic after a night’s sleep. 

So, looking to use HHC to get quality sleep? Have these in mind before you start. 

  • Tolerance levels are not always the same. The amount of it that puts you to sleep in minutes might not work the same for the person next to you. The body systems and their reactions to substances differ from one to another. Remember to start with smaller dosages and increase the dosage according to your requirements. 
  • HHC can still cause side effects if it doesn’t work well with your body. Like THC, overdosing or improper usage of it can have severe health impacts. 
  • HHC products labeled for their sedative effects might not always serve the purpose right. Remember to check with other users or an expert to go hassle-free. Also, buy from a reputable vendor to ensure a smooth experience. 
  • It is legal for usage. It doesn’t come under the list of controlled substances, and one can buy it without breaking the law. 
  • Even moderate levels of HHC are enough at the start. If you want to fall asleep, take the amount of HHC that can make you feel drowsy. If you want to improve energy levels in the morning, go for smaller dosages. 
  • As we know, it is the product of the hydrogenation of THC molecules. The presence of hydrogen atoms gives the compound a more stable structure. It is resistant to UV radiation and has a longer shelf life. 

The bottom line 

Having a good sleep schedule is essential for treading rough trails of everyday life. Maintaining your biological clock might need more than just a chemical compound that can help assist the process. Try sleeping and waking up at fixed hours for it to work up to its efficiency. Try to have proper meals and have a workout routine. It can help to an extent. If you have troubles, seek an expert’s advice and know why you need HHC.

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