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7 Tips to Finding an Effective Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

by Radhe Gupta

Choosing to seek professional help for an addiction is one of the most significant, life-changing decisions one can make in life. It signifies a need for change and a new chance at life. 

It is, therefore, important that you find a reputable facility that will provide you with the best care available. Frauds are a common sight in this service, and you need to be very careful when looking for a perfect rehab center for your needs. 

These tips below will give you a good start as you search for an ideal drug and alcohol rehab in South Bend.

1. Research the Services Offered by the Rehab

Alcohol and drug treatment centers offer more than rehabilitation services. This is because most substance abuse patients have other co-occurring disorders, such as depression. Finding a rehab with an in-house specialist will make it easier to receive treatment as all your sessions and doctor’s visits will be under one roof.

2. Type of Treatment Used

Some people believe that the best course of addiction treatment is non-medicinal, but in cases such as opioid addiction, medicinal treatment is used to alleviate drug dependency.

The type of treatment you choose to go with will determine the rehab center for you. The physicians and medical staff in these centers will explain the process involved in each choice of treatment, so ask as many questions as possible  

3. Rehab Quality- Price Point

Rehab centers are fashioned to accommodate people from all walks of life, so they vary in price points. It is possible to find centers that range from $1000 to $50,000!

So, make sure that you look for a center that matches your financial capabilities to avoid further problems down the road.

4. The Location of the Facility

It is not uncommon to find patients who prefer a rehab close to home or family members. Getting a rehab close to home saves the cost of opting for an inpatient program or missing out on important moments in your family life.

A close rehab also gives family and friends a chance to visit and walk with you as you go through the rehab journey. However, a faraway facility will also mean having you away from the elements that trigger you to use. 

5. Inpatient or Outpatient

Rehab programs provide lengths depending on the severity of dependence and addiction. Inpatient programs are recommended for intensive care and patients who would like to live in a monitored environment. In contrast, outpatient programs are for people who would like to receive professional treatment while still living at home. 

Assess both options to make a well-informed decision on what’s best for you. 

6. Length of Programme

Most rehabilitation programs last up to 90 days, with some shorter sessions going for 60 or 30 days. The most ideal duration for you is dependent on the drug involved and the level of addiction. 

However, factors such as finances and family will also likely play a part in influencing your decision.  

7. Facility with History of Positive Results

The track record of a rehab center is critical when looking for an addiction and drug center. So, make sure you do diligent research, ask for advice from professionals, and assess a facility’s reviews. Try and avoid rehabs that don’t have a clear history or proper certifications.  

To Sum It Up

There are plenty of rehab centers, all offering different services. As you take that bold step to seek professional help, aim for the best possible services you can afford. Remember, your health comes first, and you deserve the best care possible.

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