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Can You Use PEMF If You Have Metal In Your Body?

by Yash Ranjan

PEMF therapy is the new alternative for medicines and expensive procedures that people have been using to heal themselves. And this new, very hyped alternative has caused so much curiosity among people that they’re forced to search the internet about it every other day.

Every day people search the internet about pemf therapy, how it works, its pros and cons, etc. And why not? This therapy sounds so promising that every other patient is now making up his mind to ditch the traditional healing methods and opt for PEMF’s noninvasive, natural way! So, they gather their questions and doubts, put them on the internet, and see if pemf therapy is fit for them. One of the many frequently asked questions about pemf therapy that is surfacing the internet is: Can pemf therapy be used if you have metal in your body? A very valid and smart question, indeed! Especially for people who have metals in their body in the form of joint implants, etc. So, if you are one of such people and are skeptical about using PEMF therapy, read on! We at Healthyline Outlet have got you covered with all the answers you need!

Is PEMF Safe To Use With Metal Implants?

Well, to give you a clear and straightforward answer: It is ABSOLUTELY safe to use PEMF therapy if you have metal implants or any metal for that matter in your body.

Since pemf therapy works via crewing magnetic fields in your body, it’s very valid to question the safety of this therapy if you’re someone who already has magnets in his body. The potential interaction between the magnetic fields produced by the therapy and the ones produced by the metal present in your body is something you might find worrisome! But here’s the good news: It’s not! It is completely safe to use pemf if you have any sort of metal present in your body as it’ll not create any hazards for you!

Why And How Is It Safe To Use PEMF If You Have A Metal In Your Body?

If you’re still not satisfied as to how pemf is safe if you have metal in your body, and need further explanation, then congratulations, you’re just at the right place! In fact, it’s good that you’re searching about it so keenly; it shows how you’re so conscious about your health and body!

Anyways, let’s come to the point!

The metal inserted in your body (in the form of an implant or in any other form) is a foreign object to the tissues of the body. Therefore, being a foreign object, it produces an inflammatory response in the body, telling the body to reject it. So the body continuously tries to reject it.

However, that shouldn’t happen. The body is required to build a strong bond with the metal in order for it to last and not need a replacement. This happens naturally to some extent but not as required due to the body continually rejecting the metal. And the good news is PEMF therapy helps accelerate this bond formation which not only improves the lifespan of the metal replacement but also speeds up the healing process. So, pemf therapy helps keep the metal intact and also keeps the surrounding tissues healthy. And not to mention, it also decreases your chance of getting infections by alleviating the inflammation produced by the foreign object i.e, the metal object. So, all in all, using pemf is not only safe but great for people who have metal implants!


Conclusively, using pemf therapy is absolutely safe if you’ve metal in your body. In fact, it’s beneficial in terms of bone healing, implant longevity, and infection prevention! 

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